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Microsoft confirms price drop for 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive


While some retailers are already starting to show a new, lower price for the 120GB add-on hard drive for the Xbox 360 console, Microsoft has finally made it official.

The new price for the drive is $149, down from $179.

[Via Joystiq]


Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 price drops for US

After quite a bit of speculation, Microsoft today has officially announced price cuts across the board on their Xbox 360 console in the US.

The Arcade will drop from $279 to $199, the Standard will drop from $349 to $299, and the Elite will drop from $449 to $399.

As Microsoft points out in their press release announcing the drop, “history shows that more than 75 percent of all console sales happen after the price falls below the $200 mark.”

Look for the new pricing to take effect on September 5th.

[Via CrunchGear]

Xbox 360 price drop in Japan

To help try and boost sales of their Xbox 360, Microsoft has officially dropped the price of the console in Japan.

The new price of the Xbox 360 Arcade is dropping nearly 30%, from 27,000 yen ($256 US) to 19,800 yen ($180 US), the version with a 60GB hard drive will be introduced at 29,800 yen ($270 US), and the Elite is dropping 17% from 47,800 yen ($440 US) to 39,800 yen ($370 US).

With the new pricing, the Arcade is now cheaper than the Nintendo Wii which sells for 25,000 yen ($230 US).

Look for the new pricing to take effect on September 11th.

No official word on a price drop in any other countries but it is rumored to stay tuned…

[Via Engadget]

Xbox 360 Arcade dropping to $199, getting motion sensing controller?


According to a new Xbox 360 rumor, the Xbox 360 Arcade will be getting a new price drop in time for the holiday season to $199 and will include a new motion sensing controller.

The new price point is to better position it against the Nintendo Wii which believe it or not could be in short supply AGAIN this holiday season.

Rare is reportedly working on several motion-controlled mini-games to give gamers something to do with the new controller (which will also be available separately) when it’s released. Assuming it’s released.

Just a rumor for now so stay tuned…

[Via Kotaku]

Rock Band 2 hardware delayed, title still Xbox 360 exclusive…sorta…

The highly anticipated title Rock Band 2 by Harmonix is still scheduled to launch as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 14th, but bad news if you were hoping to get your hands on the new instrument controls that same day.

The Rock Band 2 bundle that includes the game and the the controllers has been delayed a month, meaning it will launch on other platforms at the same time–October 19th.

So what exactly is launching as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 14th, then? Just the game disc.j

Hope Microsoft didn’t pay too much for this “exclusive.”

[Via Gizmodo]

Fable 2 release date announced


Lionhead Studios, developers of the upcoming Xbox 360 title Fable 2, has officially announced the release date for the US and Europe and their just three days apart from one another.

In the US look for Fable 2 to hit on October 21st and in Europe expect to see it on October 24th.

The game will be available as a standard edition game as well as a special, Limited Edition which will include extras like:

  • Bonus DVD – Includes new ‘Making-of Feature’ with Peter Molyneux and the team at Lionhead Studios and concept art viewer
  • Bonus In-Game Content (Requires LIVE account) – Includes “The Hall of the Dead” Dungeon, “The Wreckager” Legendary Cutlass Weapon and Otherworldly Bonus
  • Collectible Hobbe figure with accessories – From the Qee Collection comes this one-of-a-kind Hobbe figure. Nasty, brutish, and short, he roams the countryside, preying on travelers and spiriting away the children of the unwary.
  • 48-hour Xbox LIVE Gold Trial Card – With Xbox LIVE Gold, players can show off their individual hero by inviting friends into their unique version of Albion or they can visit their friends’ Albion, and earn additional gold, experience and renown to take back into their own.
  • Five printed Fate Cards – These five beautiful cards foretell the Hero’s great destiny to journey across all of Albion, encountering deadly enemies and enigmatic allies. The path leads to a choice that will change the world forever.

In the mean time, on August 13th you’ll be able to download Pug Games for Xbox LIVE to get you in the mood for the full game but it looks like you’ll only be able to get it if you pre-order the full actual Fable 2 game.

Fable 2 Pub Games will give you some fun mini games to play around with while also giving you the opportunity to earn gold for your character. Or lose, I suppose.

If you DON’T pre-order Fable 2 you’ll still be able to get Pub Games but instead of being free it will cost you 800 points.

For more info about Fable 2 Pub Games check out this post.

[Via Joystiq]

New 60GB Xbox 360 should run cooler

At E3 this year Microsoft announced a new 60GB version of their Xbox 360 console.

Benheck managed to grab one and tear it apart to see what’s new and it looks like Microsoft has removed the bottom memory chips which should help prevent the overheating problem some owners of the previous models have had which resulted in the infamous red ring of death.

To see more pics from inside the new 60GB model check them out here.

[Via CrunchGear]

$199 Xbox 360 coming?


According to some a price point of $199 is the magic number for a game console to hit before people on the fence about about buying one will hop off and snatch it up. So far no current generation console is (or below) that point but it looks like Microsoft may be the first there.

I’m not sure which retailer’s inventory system this picture is from, but it shows that the Xbox 360 Arcade (the model without a hard drive) will be hitting $199.99 on September 7th.

Other price reductions that could happen around that same time would be the Pro with a 60GB hard drive dropping to $299 and the Elite with a 120GB hard drive dropping to $399.

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet but are thinking about it you might want to wait a few weeks and see if all these price drops come true. You might want to also think about getting one with a hard drive. If you don’t get a hard drive right away I can’t imagine you’ll be able to go long without adding one because of how limited your experience will likely be (games will take longer because they won’t be able to store videos on the hard drive, no place to store game demo downloads, no place to store downloaded TV shows and movies, etc.), so I’d recommend getting the Pro or Elite.

[Via Kotaku]

Updated 60GB Xbox 360 now availalbe from Amazon

The updated Microsoft Xbox 360 console announced before E3 with the 60GB hard drive has been sneaking out at a few retailers and now Amazon has joined the party and also has it for sale now.

$349.99 will get you a shiny new…well, matte white, actually…Xbox 360 console with a 60GB hard drive and one wireless controller.

Just checked and Amazon still shows that it’s in stock so check it out here if you’re interested.

[Via Engadget]

Video of upcoming Netflix on Xbox 360 in action


At E3 Microsoft announced during their press conference that later this year Netflix stream video would officially be integrating with the Xbox 360, giving gold members access to Netflix’s entire library of downloadable television shows and movies.

Curious to see it in action?

Major Nelson has posted a video showing off how it will work. Check it out in person at Kotaku here.

[Via Kotaku]