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Steve Jobs talks about his health


No known for being very open, with all the rumors floating around about Steve Jobs’ health after his WWDC 08 keynote, Jobs called New York Times reporter Joe Nocera to set the record straight.

While Jobs did say before he started talking that the details of their conversation needed to be kept “off the record”, Nocera does confirm that Jobs’ cancer has NOT returned and while Jobs did have more than just a
“common bug” during his keynote it is not something that is life-threatening.

[Via Mac Rumors]


Approximately 71% of App Store iPhone apps may be free


According to a survey of developers at Apple’s WWDC conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, many of the apps heading to the App Store (pending approval from Apple) will have an average cost of $3.00 or less.

Even more surprising, according to Munster’s data 71% of the apps will be free!

Half of those surveyed said that they plan to develop apps for only the iPhone, while the other half said that they plan to develop apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Macs.

I was planning on going for the 8GB iPhone 3G but now that I’ll be filling it up with free stuff I’ll probably need the 16GB version. Darn.

[Via TUAW]

Video of WWDC 08 keynote

Are you kicking yourself for missing the keynote that kicked off Apple’s WWDC this morning?

Do you want more than anything to see his Steve-ness in full keynote uniform walking the stage preaching peace, love and iPhone development?

The one or two of you that answered yes to both of those are in luck–Apple has posted a video of the entire keynote which you can check out for yourself here.

Apple releases iPhone SDK beta 7

Ready or not, here comes another update to the iPhone SDK.

Today Apple released beta 7 of their iPhone SDK. I can’t tell you what’s new yet…I can’t even get the file right now (their server is a little bit slammed at the moment).

Maybe you’ll have better luck–look for it in the iPhone Dev Center.

[Via TUAW]

Apple posts tour of MobileMe


If you caught the announcements from WWDC this morning you know that .Mac is being replaced in July by MobileMe.

Apple calls it “Exchange for the rest of us”, but what exactly does that mean?

Think of it as one spot to hold all of your data (email messages, files, contacts, appointments, etc.) that keeps your PC, Mac, iPhone and/or iPod touch in sync so you always have what you want when you want it.

Okay, good marketing speak but what does it really mean?

To help with the confusion Apple has posted a guided tour of what the new service will offer which you can check out for yourself here.

[Via TUAW]

Apple talks 3G iPhone, MobileMe, 2.0 firmware, App Store at WWDC

3g_iphone The keynote at WWDC 08 just wrapped up and while there weren’t any real surprises it was still nice to get confirmation on two Apple rumors: the 3G iPhone is real and so is MobileMe.

First up, the new iPhone.

The original iPhone was and still is a very successful product launch and the new one looks to be even more so with the biggest barrier being removed–price.

The new iPhone will start at $199 for the 8GB version and $299 for the 16GB version and features will include:

  • Same excellent screen
  • 3G data speed (roughly 2.8x the speed of EDGE)
  • GPS
  • Flush headphone jack
  • Thinner than original model
  • “Dramatically” improved audio
  • Battery life: 300 hours standby, 10 hours of 2G talk time, 5 hours of 3G talk time, 5-6 hours of high-speed browsing, 7 hours of video, 24 hours of audio

Look for the 3G iPhone to be available in 22 countries on on July 11th and eventually be available in over 70.

Apple also used the keynote to talk about the upcoming replacement to .Mac called MobileMe.

MobileMe will be a web service that can keep a Mac, PC and iPhone in sync with email, contacts and calendar events and works with Outlook on the PC.

MobileMe will also include a gallery feature that can sync photos from your iPhone. Look for the new MobileMe service to launch in July and current .Mac subscribers will be automatically moved over to the new service.

Apple also talked a bit about the upcoming 2.0 firmware for the original iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Some of the new features in the 2.0 firmware will be:

  • Ability to search contacts with live results
  • Full iWork document support
  • Support for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Ability to bulk delete and move messages
  • Ability to save pictures send to you
  • New calculator with scientific mode when the iPhone/iPod Touch is held sideways
  • Parental controls
  • Enhanced language support
  • App Store

Look for the new 2.0 firmware to be a free down for iPhones and a $9.99 upgrade for iPod Touch owners when it hits in July.

There was also minor mention of OS 10.6, aka “Snow Leopard” but not much was said about it.

If you were holding your breath for the Fusion rumor to pan out guess it’s time to move on–no new computer was announced.

Thanks MacRumors for the live coverage!

New Apple ‘Fusion’ computer being announced tomorrow?


TUAW received a tip about a possible new Apple computer targeting developers could be announced tomorrow morning at WWDC.

Allegedly called the “Fusion”, this new Mac features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and run Boot Camp to allow you to boot into Linux, Windows or Mac OS X and encourages developers to use it to port their applications to Mac.

From the screenshot:

“Building your applications for the Mac has never been easier. Mac Fusion was designed exclusively for new developers wishing to port their existing programs to the Mac without breaking the bank. Mac Fusion allows you to explore the power and stability of Mac OS X while keeping the ability to run alternative operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, via Boot Camp.”

Guess we’ll find out Monday morning if this is true or not.

For a few screenshots that may or may not be real check out this post at TUAW.

[Via TUAW]

Mac OS X 10.6 to be shown at WWDC?

According to some information received by TUAW, Apple might be showing off an early build of their next operating system release, 10.6 with a possible gold master coming as soon as this December.

If their source pans out, 10.6 isn’t expected to be much more than security and stability enhancements to 10.5.  It will, however, mark the end of the OS releases coming to both Intel and PowerPC-based systems with 10.6 rumored to be an Intel-only 64-bit OS.

We’ll find out if any of this is true or not when WWDC 08 opens on June 9th.

[Via TUAW]

.Mac being renamed ‘Mobile Me’?


One of the announcements expected to come out of Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is an update to the companies .Mac service.

The evidence so far is:

  • In the latest iPhone SDK developers at Coding Robots noticed a new sting for something called “Mobile Me”.
  • In January 2007 the domain mobileme.com was picked up by Apple and in early 2006 they applied for a trademark for the name “Mobile Me”.
  • .Mac is overdue for an update.

We’ll find out for sure on June 9th when Steve Jobs delivers his keynote, but it’s looks like there’s a very good chance this rumor will be true.

[Via TUAW]

3G iPhone available right after WWDC keynote June 9th?

According to Gizmodo, “sources close to the 3G iPhone” say that the 3G version of the iPhone will be announced at Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Develor Conference) keynote on June 9th and be available for purchase worldwide right after.

“In Spain, for example, the 3G iPhone will be available for sale at the June 18th grand opening of Telefonica’s megastore—an Apple Store-like shop located in the company’s historical building in Madrid’s Gran Vía— with nationwide availability right the next day or after a few hours. The other European countries with iPhone availability will have similar launch schedules.”

The 3G iPhone is expected to make its debut at the WWDC keynote so that part isn’t such a surprise, but the availability part–that’s new and hopefully true–I’d love to be able to get my hands on one soon.

The same source also told Gizmodo that iPhone pricing will also be changing with the 3G iPhone, saying that at least in some countries the price will no longer be fixed.

[Via Gizmodo]