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Microsoft airs new ‘I’m a PC’ ads


As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is changing gears a bit with their TV ads that use Apple’s ads as a staring-off point and introducing their own “I’m a PC” themed ads.

When I first heard about the new direction I had mixed feelings. I hated the previous two ads with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates so the fact that something different was coming sounded like a good idea, but when the New York Times reported that the new ads would open with a John Hodgman-like Microsoft engineer saying “Hello, I’m a PC, and I’ve been made into a stereotype” my expectations fell.

Last night I happened to catch the first of the new ads on TV the Times was right–it did open with that line–but then went in the direction of showing people from all walks of life (teachers, doctors, engineers, actors, astronauts, etc.) telling briefly what they do with their PC’s to remind people that Windows isn’t just for spreadsheets and viruses.

I would rate the ads as better than expected. I like the new direction much more than that of the Seinfeld and Gates ads. The new ones are actually enjoyable and about something (imagine that). Good ads for a little perspective.

Check the main aid and a couple shorter versions of it below if you’re interested:

[Via Electronista]


US Airways to charge $5 – $30 fee for window, isle seats

airline_seatsWhen you travel by plan somewhere, I’m reasonably confident that you like either a window or an isle seat (lucky guess). Beginning May 7th, prepare to pay at least $5 more for either one of these if you fly US Airways and want to sit near the front of the plane.

The program is being called “Choice Seats” and is the airlines attempt to help offset the rising costs of fuel. Roughly 8% of seats on most flights would be included in the program.

The fee will be “as little as $5” but could easily be more, depending on how far you are flying:

$30 to Europe.

$25 to Hawaii.

$20 to Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda from Philadelphia, and $15 from other cities.

$15 on domestic flights of 1,101 miles or more.

$10 on flights of 501 to 1,100 miles.

$5 on flights of 500 miles or less.

The program and its fees will not apply to the turboprop Saab 340 planes flown by US Airways Express carriers, nor would it apply to frequent fliers with “preferred” status.

[Via Philadelphia Inquirer]