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Yahoo Buzz now open to public for submitting stories


A lot of us probably check out Digg, a website where users submit and rank news stories, videos, etc.

A lot of us (okay, at least me) are also a bit tired of Digg because of lots of worthless stories being posted, people advertising their own site, people posting dumb comments while trying (and failing) to be funny, etc.

Yahoo has been working on their own Digg-like site called Buzz and while initially only a few invited individuals could post stories it looks like Yahoo has opened things up now and the rest of us can post stories too.

On Digg you “digg” a story to say you like it and improve the stories rank so even move people will see it. On Buzz you “buzz up” a story and the same thing happens–the higher the buzz about a story, the higher it’s rank, the more people that will see it.

Top stories will even show up on Yahoo’s homepage.

Can’t say yet if it’s better or worse than Digg, but at least it’s another option. Check it out for yourself at http://buzz.yahoo.com.

[Via Download Squad]


Voting scandal from Yahoo shareholder meeting


When Yahoo held their shareholders meeting and votes were cast for the Jerry Yang and company, they won pretty conformably and it was taken as a sign that the shareholders were more or less rallying behind the board and believed in their vision.

Turns out that might not be completely true.

ValleyWag is reporting that Capital Research & Management, the group responsible for tallying the shareholder votes, omitted tens of millions of votes, way more than enough to skew the results.

The new, corrected totals, paint a pretty bad picture for Yang with the percentage of votes withheld from him jumping from 14.6 to 33.7 percent. Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock has his own bad news to deal with, with the percentage of votes withheld from him jumping from 20.5 to 39.5 percent.

Does that mean that Yang and Bostock will be stepping down?

[Via ValleyWag]