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Asus ships Eee Box with virus


Oops. Looks like the new Asus Eee Box mini desktop PC is shipping with a virus on the hard drive which Symantec identifies as the W32/Usbalex worm.

Asus isn’t hiding from the issue and admits that the Eee Box as in fact shipped with a virus but only models sold in Japan.

No word yet on how the virus may have gotten there to begin with.

[Via PC Advisor]


Trojan in photo frame worse than originally thought

A few weeks ago word came out about a photo frame that Best Buy was selling under the Insignia brand that shipped with a trojan virus.

The photo frame was recalled and the trojan it contained was thought to be older and relatively easy to get rid of–any modern anti-virus application should be able to handle it.

Looks like it might a bit worse than was initially thought.

The Insignia photo frames as well as several others produced in China contain a trojan called Mocmex which is able to block more than 100 types of security and anti-virus from removing it. The trojan is able to bypass the Windows firewall and download additional files across the Internet, spreading them randomly across your hard drive and to any portable storage device plugged to your PC.

The trojan will currently steal gaming passwords, but it could be used to steal much more.

Some believe that this is a proof of concept and that worse viruses could be coming.

Infected frames have been found at Sam’s Club, Target, Costco and Best Buy.

[Via Engadget]

Insignia 10.4-inch photo frame pulled from shelves, comes with virus


Last week Best Buy stores pulled a $230 Insignia 10.4-inch photo frame from shelves.


It shipped from the manufacturer with a Trojan virus.

The virus will only effect Windows computers and only if the photo frame is connected to a PC via a USB cable. Apparently its not a recent virus, so up-to-date anti-virus applications should be able to handle it. What the actual name of the virus is has not been released, so I can’t confirm its age or what exactly it would do to a computer if infected with it.

The model has been discontinued and if you have it (SKU 8483866) you’re asked to contact Geek Squad for assistance.

[Via Engadget]