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Short film shot with Canon 5D Mark II


New York-based photographer Vincent Laforet got his hands on a pre-release version of the new Canon 5D Mark II DSLR that includes an option to record HD video.

He wasn’t initially supposed to be one of the select few photographers who got to test it out before the camera was officially announced but he managed to talk his way into having it for the weekend. The catch? He had to produce a video and series of stills “completely independent of Canon”, so no budget at all, and Canon would have the rights to use any of it if they liked it.

Deal and he got the camera for the weekend.

The video that resulted from his testing is stunning. It’s hard to believe that it was shot entirely on a DSLR but it was–the Canon 5D Mark II and a few lenses.

Laforet calls it a potential “gaming changer” and breaks it down into list of reasons:

1. The 5D MKII camera produces the best stills in low light that I’ve ever seen – what you can see with you eye in the worst light (such as sodium-vapor street lights at 3 a.m. in Brooklyn) – this camera can capture it with ease.

2. It produces the best video in low light that I’ve ever seen – at 1080p. A top commercial film editor who who regularly edits RED camera footage – and has seen the raw footage from the 5D MKII – says the 5D MKII is “far superior to the RED camera” in terms of low light performance…

3. You can use your prime and zoom lenses from your Canon still cameras with it – and shoot wide open… so you can shoot films with fisheye lenses, 50mm 1.2 as well as the 200mm f2 or 400mm 2.8 that you may already own…

4. This camera is so easy to use – that you can work incredibly quickly, mostly handheld – without a huge production – and using natural light – ergo you don’t need a huge budget and tons of preparation anymore… forget the lighting trucks and generators that take up entire city blocks…

5. This camera will sell for approx. $2,700 – and perform better than many $100K plus video cameras out there…

6. Photojournalists in particular – will be able to take full advantage of this camera’s strengths – because they are used to walking into any room, and finding the best natural “available light” in the room – or knowing how to add a single light source to make it pop… they are used to working quickly and with small or no budgets… which is something this camera is begging you to do…

It has the potential to change our industry.

Without further ado, check out the video for yourself here and see what you think.

To read more of Laforet’s story of testing out the 5D Mark II, check it out here in his blog.


Video of Meizu M8 in action


Looks like the Meizu M8, the most obvious of the iPhone clones, might really be getting ready to hit retail. A video of the device in action has been posted to YouTube and I must say, it doesn’t look bad.

Its lacking some of the polish that Apple has in their interface, but all in all it looks like a pretty nice effort.

Check it out for yourself below:

[Via Engadget]

Triumph rips Comic-Con 2008 attendees [UPDATED]

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog made an appearance at Comic-Con 2008 to interview some of the attendees and if you’re a fan of Triumph, hilarity ensued.

At a running time of over 9 minutes it’s a bit on the long side, but if you’re a Triumph fan you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Check it out over at CrunchGear.

UPDATE: Found a version on YouTube so I’m embedding it below (for as long as its alive anyway):

[Via CrunchGear]

Microsoft releases video from ‘Mojave’ experiment


The other day some interesting news came out of Microsoft: users love Vista if they don’t know it’s Vista.

As hard as it was for many to believe, that’s what they claimed and now they’ve released a video to prove it.

Keep in mind that the Mojave lovers in the video aren’t your typical geek, some with years of Windows hate lodged firmly in their mind. They’re normal computer users that hated Vista because everyone else did.

Pretty interesting. To see the video for yourself check it out at Mojave Experiment.

[Via Gizmodo]

BGR posts video walkthrough of BlackBerry Bold


The upcoming BlackBerry Bold smartphone has been getting lots of attention and since BGR has had one for a few weeks now they’ve reviewed it and now posted a video of the Bold in action so you can see what it’s like.

It’s interesting looking at some of the comments by people who have seen the video…for a handset that has had so much buzz, a fair number of people are turned off seeing it in action.

Check out the video for yourself here.

[Via BGR]

Sony to launch PS3 streaming video service tonight

At their E3 briefing today, Sony announced a new streaming video service that will be launching tonight and will be accessible from their PlayStation 3 console.

The service will offer television shows and movies for purchase or rent with Warner, Fox, Lion’s Gate, Disney, and MGM being among the partners already signed on to offer content.

Movies will cost $4 to rent in standard definition, $6 to rent in high definition, or $15 to purchase. No word on television show pricing, but we’ll find out tonight when the service goes live.

Oh, and remember that 4.05 firmware update for the PSP that was released the other day that didn’t seem to really do anything except add two new visualizers when playing music? Looks like another part of that update was to allow for downloaded videos to be transferred to the PSP via a USB cable so that must be the “other features” that were mentioned but never explained.

[Via Kotaku]

PS3 closing the gap on Wii sales in Japan

Sure, the Nintendo Wii is still outselling the other gaming consoles, but in Japan Sony’s PlayStation 3 is starting to close the gap (at least for now).

In May the Wii outsold the PS3 by a difference of 6-to-1, but in June that difference had closed to 1.7-to-1, no small feat for those facing the tiny, plastic juggernaut that is the Wii.

The most significant reason for the change is probably the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, the forth installment in the highly successful Metal Gear Solid series of games, which has been receiving very positive reviews.

[Via Reuters]

Australia, New Zealand get Xbox 360 price drop

While rumors of an Xbox 360 price drop in the US make their way around the Internet, a price drop has already hit Australia and New Zealand.

The price cuts are:

  • Arcade: down $50 to AU$349
  • Professional: down $180 to AU$499
  • Elite: down $80 to AU$649

Readers in those countries probably caught this already but for the rest of us it’s worth mentioning that the price drop on the Arcade puts its price below the price of the Nintendo Wii which currently sells for AU$400.

Microsoft’s Xbox Group Manager Jeremy Hinton is quick to point out that each region is free to set their own pricing, so a cut in one region doesn’t necessarily point to a price cut in another.

Still, though, I’m thinking we’ll likely see a price cut in the US on at least one of the three Xbox 360 SKUs by the time E3 opens on July 15th.

[Via Kotaku]

Apple posts video walkthrough of iPhone 3G


With the iPhone 3G launch coming up quick (July 11th) Apple has posted a new guided tour video, this time for the iPhone 3G.

In it you can see what’s new with the iPhone 3G as well as the upcoming iPhone 2.0 software which even current iPhone owners will be able to use to access new features like parental control and the upcoming App Store.

Check out the video for yourself here if you’re interested.

[Via TUAW]

Blizzard announces Diablo 3


At Worldwide Invitational 2008 in Paris, Blizzard Entertainment officially announced a new game: Diablo 3.

Fans of the first two Diablo games have been waiting years for the next installment, so as you can imagine this is very big news for many gamers.

Diablo 3 will feature a look and feel that is similar to the previous two Diablo games with it’s 3/4 perspective, but updated to modern 3D standards.

From the Diablo 3 FAQ, here’s the storyline:

“It has been twenty years since the events of Diablo II. Of those who faced the Lords of Hatred, Terror, and Destruction in the battle over the fate of Sanctuary, there are few still living who can bear to remember the horrors that the Prime Evils wrought upon the world. And of those who did not witness the terrible events firsthand, most believe the stories to be little more than myth. But something evil is stirring once again in Tristram, and it may already have claimed its first victim: Deckard Cain.”

The game will allow you to create male or female characters in one of five character classes, but only two have ben announced so far: barbarian and witch doctor.

No release info yet so it could be this year or it could be a year or two from now–Blizzard likes to take their time and get things right. They did, though, say that the game will be simultaneously released on both Mac’s and PC’s, but no mention yet of system specs required to run the game.

For more info or to check out either the cinematic or gameplay trailers, check out the official product page here.

[Via Joystiq]