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New Elmo Live toy ready for pre-order


Another holiday season means another another creepy Elmo toy. Maybe it’s not every single holiday season but to someone without kids it feels that way.

Meet Elmo Live, the latest Elmo-themed toy from Fisher-Price.

Features of Elmo Live include the ability to:

  • Wave his arms
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Cross his legs
  • Tell stories
  • Tell joke
  • Sing
  • Play games

It won’t ship until around October 14th but you can pre-order it now at Wal-mart for $59.88 and Amazon for $65.99.

[Via Engadget]


Voting scandal from Yahoo shareholder meeting


When Yahoo held their shareholders meeting and votes were cast for the Jerry Yang and company, they won pretty conformably and it was taken as a sign that the shareholders were more or less rallying behind the board and believed in their vision.

Turns out that might not be completely true.

ValleyWag is reporting that Capital Research & Management, the group responsible for tallying the shareholder votes, omitted tens of millions of votes, way more than enough to skew the results.

The new, corrected totals, paint a pretty bad picture for Yang with the percentage of votes withheld from him jumping from 14.6 to 33.7 percent. Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock has his own bad news to deal with, with the percentage of votes withheld from him jumping from 20.5 to 39.5 percent.

Does that mean that Yang and Bostock will be stepping down?

[Via ValleyWag]

New release dates for BlackBerry Bold?

New BlackBerry Bold release dates have hit the Internet, and it looks like some carriers will be making their customers wait a bit.

According to info obtained by BlackBerryNews.com, release dates for different carriers will be as follows:

  • July 29 – Rogers
  • August 1 – Vodafone UK
  • August 4 – T-Mobile Germany
  • September 1 (or later) – AT&T
  • Sometime in September – O2

Their info says that the Rogers and T-Mobile Germany dates are firm, while the others may slip a bit. In the UK, Vodafone won’t officially say anything except that it will launch before November 1, so the August 1 date is a rumor.

[Via CrunchGear]

Sprint selling off most of its cell towers

It’s no secret that cellular carrier Sprint has been struggling for a bit. No buyout news at the moment, but in an effort to raise some cash the company will be selling off some of its cellular towers to private equity company TowerCo.

The exact number of towers hasn’t been finalized, but it’s expected to be around 3,300 which would be most of the towers they own.

The deal could get Sprint around $670 million, which could be used to pay down some of its $24 billion debt and I’d imagine another chuck of it will go towards it’s WiMAX venture with Clearwire.

In order to keep it’s cell business open, Sprint will lease back use of the towers from TowerCo but no lease prices were mentioned.

Look for more info on the deal to be announced within the next 90 days.

[Via CrunchGear]

Digital Foci releases Photo Safe II


Digital photographers on the go worried about running out of space on their memory cards have an option aside from carrying around lots of memory cards that they may not be aware of–a Photo Safe by Digital Foci.

A Photo Safe is a portable battery-powered storage device that isn’t that much more than a laptop hard drive and a memory card reader so while you’re on the go you can just plug in a memory card and the Photo Safe will copy photos off of your memory card and onto it’s hard drive so you can get back to shooting quickly with the same video card.

Digital Foci has just released the Photo Safe II which is available with either an 80GB or 160GB hard drive. This new version of the device is a bit smaller than the previous model and it also adds support for Memory Stick Duo and miniSD cards.

Photos are copied at up to 5MBps and their original format is retained, so if you shoot in RAW they’ll stay that way.

The 80GB version is available for $140 and the 160GB for $190. For more info about the Photo Safe II check out the official product page here.

[Via Electronista]

New Palm UI coming courtesy of Matias Duarte

The Palm OS user interface…pretty straight forward but more or less the same since around the beginning of time (for Palm, anyway).

User interface designer Matias Duarte, the man behind the look and feel of both Sidekick and Helio devices, left Helio late last year along with his design team and headed for Palm where they have been working on the user interface for Palm’s next OS.

The next Palm OS isn’t expected until early 2009 and that’s not a whole lot of time for Duarte and team to make things ready to compete against the likes of the iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC TouchFLO and Google Android interfaces not to mention the hardware that runs them.

Maybe the best way to compete with players like those is no to–stick to the lower-end of the market and make touchscreen handsets that target $199 or less but still offer some of the features the higher-end devices have. In other words, stick with Centro’s but throw in a new form factor, new look and new feature or two.

We’ll see, I guess.

[Via Engadget]

iPhone Dev Program acceptance rate at about 16%

If you remember a when the iPhone Dev Program was first announced by Apple there were complaints that nearly everyone was being rejected.

Looks like that wasn’t far from the truth.

During his keynote, Steve Jobs mentioned how many developers applied to be an iPhone developer (25,000) and how many were accepted into the program (4,000).

TUAW caught this and did the math. The results? About 16 percent of those who applied were accepted into the program.

The $99 annual fee got a LOT of people excited about developing for the iPhone. I’m sure more will be accepted into the program as it matures, but for the 21,000 that we’re yet accepted it’s got to be quite a buzz kill.

[Via TUAW]

Firefox 3 almost done, a few bugs on Mac side to work out [UPDATED]

According to the Firefox development team release candidate 2 of their Firefox 3 browser was so good that they are releasing the same version as RC3 on the Windows and Linux side.

On the Mac side the picture is a little different with a few new bugs turning up after Apple’s recent 10.5.3 update.

Just 17 bugs left on the list which they expect to have fixed by the end of this week.

Stay tuned–the wait is almost over!

UPDATE: The Mozilla developers have announced the release date! Check out this post for more info.

[Via Download Squad]

Early review of MSI Wind

Come June 3rd I’m sure we’ll start to see a lot of review’s of MSI’s Wind UMPC (that’s when the Wind is officially released), but for now we’re left with a couple of mini-reviews from CNET UK and Laptop Magazine.

Early word? “One kickass system.”

They can’t talk performance numbers or about the systems chipset until 4am EST on June 3rd, but they can say that “as far as the Wind’s hardware goes, we are seriously impressed. As for performance, here is a hint, it is equally, if not more, impressive.”

They love the screen and the keyboard but the trackpad is too cramped and they compare it to the trackpad on the Asus Eee PC 4G.

Look for more info in a few days.

[Via Engadget]

Sony retires 80GB PS3 bundle with Motorstorm


If you’ve had our heart set on getting the 80GB PlayStation 3 bundle with Motorstorm and no other bundle will do, time to accelerate your plans.

Sony has retired that bundles SKU and it is no longer being sent to retailers, so what’s at retailers now is all they’re going to get.

Instead, Sony will be replacing that bundle with a new 80GB PS3 bundle featuring Metal Gear Solid 4 and a DualShock 3 controller, scheduled to be released on June 12th. This is NOT the limited edition bundle being sold only through Konami’s website, but it is still a gunmetal gray unit with matching controller.

[Via Joystiq]