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Microsoft to buy Epic?


Could Epic Games, creators of Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and the Unreal Engine (among others), be an acquisition target for Microsoft?

GamePro editor Travis Moses thinks so and in the latest issue of GamePro he says “Microsoft will buy Epic Games for $1 billion this summer.”

“Epic Games is one of the few highly regarded indie developers … partly for their games but mostly for their Unreal engine technology,” Moses wrote. “Microsoft has lots of cash on hand, and in buying Epic, could collect royalty rights for Unreal technology across other platforms.

“Given Epic’s tight partnership with Microsoft, along with widespread use of the Unreal engine, and this move makes a lot of sense, particularly in light of [Electronic Arts]’s Pandemic/BioWare merger [as] well as the Activision/Vivendi shockers.”

[Via Kotaku]