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Panasonic announces Lumix DMC-TZ50, can access T-Mobile HotSpots


Panasonic has announced a new Wi-Fi enabled digital camera, the Lumix DMC-TZ50.

The TZ50 is a 9.1 megapixel digital point and shoot camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens, 10x optical zoom and the ability to record HD video.

Nice but that alone isn’t what sets it apart from the pack.

What does? The built-in Wi-Fi.

Using a built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi radio the TZ50 is able to connect to T-Mobile HotSpots to wirelessly transfer photos to Picasa Web Albums so that they can be shared right away with friends and family.

Look for the Lumix DMC-TZ50 to hit stores in May for $449.94.

Check out the full press release here if you’re interested.

[Via CrunchGear]