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iTunes problems rain on iPhone 3G launch day


iPhone 3G launch day is here and like the rest of Apple’s week things aren’t quite going according to plan.

Reports are coming in from all over the world that people purchasing a new iPhone 3G are having trouble activating their phones. People have waited in line for hours (if not days) for the chance to purchase the newest version of the device only to find out that the can’t activate them.

Unfortunately the problem isn’t just occurring at AT&T or Apple stores–people that are unable to activate their iPhone 3G in the store are being told to take the device home and finish it from there only to find out that they can’t be activated from there either.

The problem seems to be on the iTunes server side but specifics aren’t known at this time. Is the activation process somehow tied to the new MobileMe service which is still not available? No word from Apple, but I’m sure they’re working on it.

Assuming the problems are the result of the servers being overwhelmed with traffic, how Apple network engineers could possibly underestimate the load their servers would be under at this time is beyond me.

When the first generation iPhone launched last year there were some activation troubles by now the process should have been ironed out or replaced with a new one. There’s just no excuse.

iTunes errors after installing iPhone, iPod Touch firmware 2.0 update? Keep trying… [UPDATED]


This morning when I saw that Apple had released the 2.0 firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch, like any self respecting geek I started downloading it right away.

Before too long the 220MB or so file finished downloading and the update process began and after a few minutes it was done–ready to be connected to iTunes and have the various things the update process had backed up before beginning restored to my phone so it feels like my phone again.

BUT, a little something happened on the way to restoring–hundreds of thousands of other people had the same idea and we all began beating on Apple’s servers, resulting in one of two iTunes errors showing up on my computer every time I’d dock my iPhone and iTunes would try and connect to the iTunes Store to do whatever it does before restoring and then activating my phone–either one about the network connection timing out or one about iTunes being unable to make a secure connection to iTunes and telling me to make sure that I have either SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 enabled (which I did).

Repeatedly I tried clicking off my iPhone in the DEVICES category in iTunes then immediately clicking on it again so it would try again to connect to iTunes, then sometimes I’d undock my iPhone and dock it again just in case that might make a difference and finally, after 30 or so attempts, it worked and my iPhone settings are in the process of being restored right now.

If you should run into the same problem, keep trying and eventually you should be able to connect.

Note to Apple: perhaps releasing such a highly anticipated update to current iPhone and iPod Touch owners on the same day the new iPhone 3G is releases wasn’t such a good idea? Hopefully people that are buying their iPhone 3G right now aren’t running into the same sort of problems trying to get them activated in the AT&T and Apple stores. There must be a huge amount of traffic hitting the Apple servers right now.

UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like the iTunes problem is affecting people that try to activate a new iPhone 3G as well. For more info check out this post.