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MySpace launches MySpace Music


MySpace’s entry into the streaming music space called MySpace Music has launched.

Using the service you’ll be able to listen to music from many recording artists and if you want to buy one you’ll be sent over to Amazon to purchase it from their DRM-free MP3 store (lately the only place I’ve been buying music).

Some early complains seem to revolve around an initial lack of content but I’d imagine that’s something MySpace will be working on in the near future.

Unlike other streaming music services like Napster, MySpace Music is ad-supported so there is no monthly fee for the service.

For more info check it out here.


NFL to stream games over Internet using Flash


After using Microsoft’s Silverlight, an Adobe Flash competitor, to stream the Olympics over the Internet, NBC has decided to jump to drop Silverlight in favor of Flash for streaming NFL games online.

No word on exactly why the change was made, but I’d imagine it has something to do with Microsoft paying NBC to be used for the Olympics but not paying for NBC to use it for the NFL games, so NBC went with the one with the highest market share, which is Flash.

While watching the game online, the interactive version will allow you to switch camera angles, view picture-in-picture playback, view live stats and interact with the commentators in real-time.

Check out the first broadcast this Thursday between the New York Giants and Washington Redskins.

[Via Engadget]

New LG BD300 Blu-ray player can also stream from Netflix


Sure, all modern Blu-ray players that support Blu-ray Profile 2.0 include an Ethernet port for connect to the Internet but not not all of them can do what LG’s new BD300 can: receive streamed content from Netflix.

The new BD300 lets users stream TV shows and movies from Netflix directly to itself with titles able to begin playing within 30-seconds. The content is limited to standard definition, at least for the time being, but that may be something that LG could change via a firmware update if they wanted to.

Look for the DB300 to ship this fall. No price has been announced, but LG did say that it will be priced “well under $500” which is good news.

[Via Electronista]

Video of upcoming Netflix on Xbox 360 in action


At E3 Microsoft announced during their press conference that later this year Netflix stream video would officially be integrating with the Xbox 360, giving gold members access to Netflix’s entire library of downloadable television shows and movies.

Curious to see it in action?

Major Nelson has posted a video showing off how it will work. Check it out in person at Kotaku here.

[Via Kotaku]

Amazon Video on Demand streaming video store opening today [UPDATED]


The New York Times is reporting that Amazon will be launching a new streaming video store today called Amazon Video on Demand.

The store will over roughly 40,000 movies and TV shows that can be downloaded and played from your computer.

Amazon vice president for digital media Bill Carr says “for the first time, this is drop dead simple…our goal is to create an immersive experience where people can’t help but get caught up in how exciting it is to simply watch a movie right from Amazon.com with a click of the button.”

If you own a Sony Bravia HD television you’ll be able to stream the video content directly to your television via a $299.99 add-on called the Sony Bravia Internet Video Link, while future Bravia sets may have this ability built right in. With no plans to limit this ability to just Sony televisions, Carr says that Amazon is in talks with makers of other TV’s and Internet devices., saying their “goal is to continue to establish partnerships with all companies who have a connected device.”

This is different from Amazon’s Unbox video service which was download-only (no streaming) and required customers to download special software to watch the videos.

UPDATE: Looks like Mac users won’t have a problem playing the new content–it’s streamed via the Flash 9, so even Linux users will be able to access it. (Thanks for the info TUAW!)

UPDATE 2: Looks like the service is open, but only for a limited number of users at this point–it’s in beta. They have a lot of testers already but to see if you can get an invite down the road, join their beta mailing list here.

[Via NYT]

Google introduces media server add-on for Google Desktop


Google has announced free goodie to download, this time a streaming media server called Google Media Server.

The Windows-only Google Media Server is an add-on to Google Desktop that indexes the various DRM-free media files on your computer and shares them across your network using UPnP and can even stream to DLNA compliant devices like the Sony PlayStation 3, meaning you’ll be able to stream media to your TV.

Interested in getting media from YouTube or PicasaWeb, too? No problem–Google Media Server is able to stream content from these two Google-owned as well.

To check it out for yourself, make sure you have Google Desktop v1 or newer installed and grab the Google Media Server gadget here.

[Via Reuters]

Sling shows off SlingPlayer mobile for iPhone


Sling hasn’t officially been accepted by Apple into their iPhone developer program, but that hasn’t stopped them from showing off a version of their SlingMobile running on an iPhone.

Still in very early pre-alpha proof-of-concept stages, the app was show running on a jailbroken iPhone

Ted Malone, Vice President of Product Marketing & Product Management for Sling told Macworld that Sling is creating a version of the SlingPlayer Mobile for both jailbroken iPhone’s as well as a version that will be available via the App Store once Apple approves things.

The current version only works with Wi-Fi but it should work “acceptably well” over a 3G connection (sorry, EDGE won’t cut it).

If you’re going to be in San Francisco on Monday you can check out an in person demo at the Starbucks at 120 4th Street across from the Metreon.

Yes, seriously, at the Starbucks.

There’s also a video of it in action over at Engadget.

[Via Engadget and Electronista]

Vudu coming to Best Buy

Streaming movie rental company Vudu is beginning a test with Best Buy who will be carrying the companies set-top device at 24 of their locations in California to see how well it sells.

The device does cost more than an Apple TV ($295 versus $229) and is missing a few things like being able to stream music or view photos, but what it does do–movie rentals–it does very well with an easy to use interface.

Currently Vudu offers roughly 5,500 movies, 1,000 TV show episodes and 150 HD movies.

[Via CrunchGear]

HD Amazon Unbox content coming to TiVo

VP of product marketing at TiVo Jim Denney has been quoted saying that HD content is coming to the TiVo thanks to Amazon’s Unbox video service. Since Series 2 TiVo’s can already get standard definition content from Unbox it makes sense that HD content be available there too.

No word on when HD downloads will be available from Unbox with Denney saying only that Tivo and Amazon will jointly announce HD capabilities “in the not too distant future.”

[Via Engadget]

Blockbuster preparing to announce streaming set-top box?


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Blockbuster is working on their very own set-top box for streaming video into your living room.

How far along are they?

Must be pretty far as the Hollywood Reporter claims it will be announced “sometime this month”.

Since Blockbuster owns Movielink (acquired in a $6.6 million transaction last August) it’s expected that this new device would give access to Movielink’s catalog of 6,000 movies.

Its an uphill battle, but now is as good as any for Blockbuster to get started. A lot of competitors are already lined up such as CinemaNow, Vudu, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and Netflix to name a few, but the streaming movie industry is still relatively young and Blockbuster have as good a chance as anybody at succeeding.

[Via Engadget]