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Speed up iPhone syncing [UPDATED]


If you have an iPhone 3G or have upgraded your original iPhone to the 2.0 software you may have noticed that syncing takes a LOOOONG time.

A user by the handle Lightbrazer at Howerforums has found that while the addition of applications from the App Store does add a little time to syncing while new apps are copied over, but the big problem has to do also with iTunes sending crash data to Apple when backing up your iPhone.

To change how your iPhone syncs and disable this, follow these steps and see how it works out for you:

  1. With your iPhone connected to your computer, select it and on the Summary screen make sure that “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” is NOT checked.
  2. Unplug your iPhone, then plug it back in.
  3. When your iPhone shows up in iTunes again, right-click (or CTRL+click if you’re using a Mac) on the iPhone and in the menu that opens click on “Reset Warnings”.
  4. Now sync your iPhone again by clicking the Sync button and when the message appears that begins “Your iPhone contains diagnostic information…”. If you want to be able to choose whether you send this data to Apple each time you sync, uncheck “Do not ask me again” and click on “Don’t Send” (so it won’t send the data this time), or if you want to never send this data make sure that “Do not ask me again” is checked and click on “Don’t Send.”
  5. On the Summary tab, go ahead and recheck “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected”.

Done–it will won’t be super fast (there’s still a lot of data to sync) but it should be better.

To see pictures of these steps, check out this post at Gear Diary.

UPDATE: Just tried syncing after running through these steps with my first generation iPhone and honestly I don’t really see the difference. If it’s quicker I don’t really see it, but maybe you’ll have better luck. Something that DID seem to help a bit is to delete old backups in Preferences > Syncing. Keep in mind that backups are usually a good thing to have so you’re on your own if you decided to delete them, but doing this did speed up syncing though I’m not sure why.

To say that the crash reporting is the big reason syncing is slow isn’t quite accurate in my own experience. Syncing apps is slooooow–way slower than it needs to be. Hopefully the next iPhone firmware update will fix this.

[Via BGR]