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New iPods, iTunes 8, iPhone 2.1 update coming tomorrow?

Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event is taking place tomorrow, September 9th, and according to rumors we can expect to see:

  • Updated iPod Touch
  • Updated iPod Nano
  • Release of iTunes 8
  • Release of iPhone 2.1 firmware

There’s an outside chance that MacBooks will be updated as well but that seems pretty unlikely at tomorrows event.

There’s also a rumor that the iPhone 2.1 firmware will hold a few surprises for developers with some new features being revealed that had been previously withheld in SDK releases.

[Via Ars Technica]


No Bluetooth for Android apps?

Android developers found something interesting with the latest Android SDK: Android 1.0 will not include a “comprehensive” Bluetooth API.

No one’s 100% sure what that means and so far Google isn’t elaborating.

I wouldn’t expect it to mean that you won’t be able to pair a Bluetooth handsfree device with an Android-based phone because that would be silly.

Instead I would assume it means that features like A2DP for stereo over Bluetooth won’t be initially supported but could be added down the road.

We’ll see, I suppose.

[Via Computerworld]

Google finally updates Android SDK beta, version 0.9 released with major UI changes


After some delays in getting an update to the Android SDK released to the masses, Google has finally rolled out their version 0.9 SDK r1 beta, the first formal release of the SDK.

This version includes some pretty significant UI changes along with some bug fixes and lots of new API enhancements.

Hopefully people that had been developing an Android application using the previous SDK build won’t have too many changes to make to their code to get things working on this new SDK release.

For more on what’s new check out the release notes here or grab yourself a copy of the SDK here.

[Via Gizmodo]

Apple releases iPhone Push Notification API to select developers


Most iPhone developers who grab a copy of the iPhone SDK from Apple’s iPhone developer website will get a copy of the latest SDK and pre-release 2.1 firmware without support for the upcoming Push Notification feature.

It looks like some developers, however, are a bit luckier than the rest of us and already have a copy of the new Push Notification API to start playing with.

I’m curious to see how developers take advantage of this. It’s interesting how Apple plans to implement it. As you might recall, Apple announced at this years WWDC that when Push Notification arrives it won’t allow applications to run in the background which is how it’s typically done. Instead, the applications will register itself with a background notification service–a “hotel operator”–that will distribute notifications that come in.

[Via TUAW]

New iPhone 2.1 firmware beta, SDK seeded to developers

A new iPhone firmware, version 2.1 (beta 1, build 5F90), has been released to developers for testing with their applications.

A couple of interesting new additions are new Core Location features and Push Notifications APIs.

The Core Locations features can be used to track direction and speed while you travel, so this *could* be a sign that a turn-by-turn navigation app is coming.

The Push Notifications APIs are still a bit early so don’t expect them to have too much polish at the moment, but they’ll give developers the ability for apps they develop to be able to process notifications, meaning you won’t have to necessarily have an app open for it to receive and process data–nice for IM applications.

Apple is looking to have the Push Notifications feature rolled out by September, so saying that we’ll see the 2.1 firmware released by then too would be a good guess.

If you’re a developer and eager to start playing around with 2.1 and updated SDK, this is important: the new SDK cannot currently be used to submit apps to the App Store.

[Via Mac Rumors]

Google upsetting Android developers?

When Google first announced the Open Handset Alliance to bring it’s Android-based mobile phone platform to phones from multiple handset makers, there was a lot of excitement about the open platform and what it could mean for the industry.

But for the last few months updated builds of the SDK stopped being released…or did they?

In a note intended for the 50 winners of Google’s Android Developer Challenge but accidentally sent to a larger list of developers, Google’s David McLaughlin implied that updated builds HAVE been coming out, but only to the winners and not to the development at large.

One Android developer who read the note commented in the Android forum “ahhhh, now it makes sense…so they’ve been making private SDK releases while the rest of us suffer with the pile of bugs from the 4+ month old release.”

Google later confirmed that it was, in fact, doing this but only to help test the SDK so that it could release an updated version to the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

Whatever Google’s reason for the Android SDK in this way, they should really be careful–the iPhone SDK has already begun luring developers away from Android and more are likely to follow. Google might want to consider making the open platform a bit more open.

[Via Computerworld]

Apple releases iPhone SDK Beta 8

Apple has released another updated to the iPhone SDK, this time Beta 8.

The new build of the SDK is 1.25GB and includes a new iPhone firmware. A new version of iTunes, version 7.7, is also available for developers to download but it isn’t yet released to the general public.

I just checked the dev site and the release notes they have posted are for the previous version still (Beta 7) so I’m no sure yet exactly what might be new in this version.

[Via TUAW]

Apple releases iPhone SDK beta 7

Ready or not, here comes another update to the iPhone SDK.

Today Apple released beta 7 of their iPhone SDK. I can’t tell you what’s new yet…I can’t even get the file right now (their server is a little bit slammed at the moment).

Maybe you’ll have better luck–look for it in the iPhone Dev Center.

[Via TUAW]

.Mac being renamed ‘Mobile Me’?


One of the announcements expected to come out of Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is an update to the companies .Mac service.

The evidence so far is:

  • In the latest iPhone SDK developers at Coding Robots noticed a new sting for something called “Mobile Me”.
  • In January 2007 the domain mobileme.com was picked up by Apple and in early 2006 they applied for a trademark for the name “Mobile Me”.
  • .Mac is overdue for an update.

We’ll find out for sure on June 9th when Steve Jobs delivers his keynote, but it’s looks like there’s a very good chance this rumor will be true.

[Via TUAW]

Apple releases iPhone SDK beta 6

In addition to releasing the 10.5.3 update for their Leopard operating system, Apple today released an updated version of their iPhone SDK, bringing it to beta 6.

Not much is known right now about beta 6 of the iPhone SDK except that it’s big (around 1.2GB) and requires Leopard 10.5.3.

For more info and to download the latest SDK check out Apple’s iPhone DevCenter here.

[Via TUAW]