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Canon 5D Mark II already in the hands of some media outlets?

According to some new Canon rumor info, two new DSLR’s will be announced at Photokina and one will almost certainly be the highly anticipated 5D Mark II.

A poster in the in the DPR forum says that “production units of the 5D replacement have already been shipping to some long-lead media outlets under NDA so the can get their reviews lined-up for the day the embargo lifts.”

So if one of the cameras is the 5D Mark II what with the other be?

Photography Bay believes that it could be the 7D, but we’ll see by the time Photokina opens on September 23rd. If you’re in the market for a budget DSLR, neither of these would be it with the price possibly starting around $2,000 for the 7D and $3,500 for 5D Mark II.

[Via Photography Bay]


Nikon D90 confirmed in Circuit City invenory screen?


Looks like the yet unannounced Nikon D90 DSLR is all but confirmed if the above screenshot is true.

What you’re looking at is a photo of Circuit City’s inventory system showing the D90 kit with an 18 – 105mm lens for $1,299.99.

Let’s assume the photo is legit, any chance it could be wrong? Sure, I suppose there’s a chance, but this is close to a lock if you ask me. Too many D90 rumors swirling now for there to not be something to it. The D80 needs an update and the D90 is it.

Look for some official info on the D90 as we get closer to Photokina, opening on September 23rd.

[Via Electronista]

Sprint ready to sell its iDen push-to-talk network?

According to a story at CNBC, cellular carrier Sprint is in talks to sell off it’s iDen wireless network to either NII Holdings Inc. or private equity investors.

Their iDen network, as some of you may already know, is what the carrier uses for it’s push-to-talk service. (For more info about iDen technology check out the Wikipedia page here.)

After another quarter of subscriber defection Stifel Nicolaus analyst Chris King feels that “every piece of the business is for sale at a certain price right now.”

Another analyst, Michael Nelson with Stanford Group, doesn’t say that’s not true but does add that “even if they want to sell iDen I don’t think there’s a buyer.”

[Via Electronista]

Specs for the Nikon D90?

The closers we get to Photokina next month the more camera news we’ll likely hear. Next up: Nikon.

Nikon guru Thom Hogan has posted some specs for the as yet unannounced D90 DSLR that he feels pretty confident in. It will be called the D90 and be replacing the current D80 model which is already 2-years old.

The biggest difference Hogan says we’ll notice right away is the larger LCD, but the controls will in roughly the same place as they are now on the D80.

Spec wise he expects the D90 to include:

  • 12 megapixel sensor
  • Able to shoot 4.5 frames per second
  • New Live View with the ability to record video and audio
  • HDMI and GPS connectors
  • New 18 – 105mm f/3.5 – 5.6G DX VR lens

[Via Photography Bay]

iPhone Nano coming by Christmas?


The iPhone Nano rumor is back in the news again and according to Daily Mail we’ll see it in time for this holiday season.

No specifics about size, weight, resolution, etc. are circulating right now but Daily Mail says that it may have the “candy bar shape of iPod Nano music players.”

If it’s true, the smaller size and production price would make the iPhone Nano a better fit for the pay-as-you-go market.

[Via CrunchGear]

$199 Xbox 360 coming?


According to some a price point of $199 is the magic number for a game console to hit before people on the fence about about buying one will hop off and snatch it up. So far no current generation console is (or below) that point but it looks like Microsoft may be the first there.

I’m not sure which retailer’s inventory system this picture is from, but it shows that the Xbox 360 Arcade (the model without a hard drive) will be hitting $199.99 on September 7th.

Other price reductions that could happen around that same time would be the Pro with a 60GB hard drive dropping to $299 and the Elite with a 120GB hard drive dropping to $399.

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet but are thinking about it you might want to wait a few weeks and see if all these price drops come true. You might want to also think about getting one with a hard drive. If you don’t get a hard drive right away I can’t imagine you’ll be able to go long without adding one because of how limited your experience will likely be (games will take longer because they won’t be able to store videos on the hard drive, no place to store game demo downloads, no place to store downloaded TV shows and movies, etc.), so I’d recommend getting the Pro or Elite.

[Via Kotaku]

Updated Nintendo DS coming this year?


According to analyst Michael Pachter with EDGE, Nintendo may have to release an updated version of it’s DS handheld gaming console later this year to combat sliding sales in Japan and the increase in popularity of Sony’s PSP.

In an investor note Pachter says that they “believe that lower than expected DS hardware sales could trigger an earlier launch for the new device.”

“DS sales are solid worldwide, but are weak in Japan, leading us to expect an introduction of a new device in Japan before the end of the calendar year.”

[Via Gizmodo]

New iPod Touch coming soon?

Developers playing with the recently seeded iPhone and iPod Touch 2.1 firmware have uncovered something called “iPod2,1”.

The current iPod Touch has a model designation of “iPod1,1” and there currently is nothing official referred to as “iPod2,1” so this could be a sign that the next iPod Touch is coming soon.

Will the change just be a case change to look more like the iPhone 3G, or maybe it will also add GPS? Maybe it will even be a smaller, iPod Touch Nano?

[Via Mac Rumors]

New MacBook’s coming in September? [UPDATED]

According to a new Apple rumor, updated MacBook’s might be showing up this September and feature more than just a faster CPU.

According to Seth Weintraub, author of 9to5Mac, the upcoming MacBook’s will be thinner then current MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s and feature a more rounded case made of aluminum.

Also interesting is that the trackpad on the new MacBook’s will allegedly feature a glass surface and support multi-touch and gestures, but will not feature a touchscreen as was previously rumored.

UPDATE: A picture was recently leaked (or faked) that looks like it might the new MacBook. ┬áCheck it out here if you’re interested.

[Via Mac Rumors]

Nikon working on D900?

First the Nikon D800 DSLR rumor, now a D900 rumor?


Thom Hogan is pretty in the know on Nikon info, and according to him Nikon is working on a new DSLR using a 24 megapixel sensor in an FX camera body. The camera will not be the D3x, but will instead be the D900. It will use Sony’s own sensor and compete against the Sony Alpha A900.

At this point I’d assume that the D800 and D900 are actually the same camera, just with different names attached to it. With Hogan behind the D900 name that’s the one I’m leaning towards as well.

[Via Photography Bay]