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HP, Intel, Yahoo teaming up to research cloud computing


Tech giants HP, Intel and Yahoo have announced a joint venture focused on cloud computing, quite a buzzword in the industry right now.

Working together with universities in the US and Germany as well as with Singapore’s new IT development agency, the group will setup six facilities around the world to research hardware, software and data center management issues in large environments.

The data centers will consist mainly of HP hardware with Intel processors, and have between 1,000 and 4,000 processor cores. The software will be open-source products such as Apache Hadoop and Yahoo’s Pig.

If all goes well they hope to have the data centers up later this year.

[Via Computerworld]


Macs gaining market share; 80% of US businesses have Mac users


According to a report by Yankee Group Research, 80% of US businesses now have Mac users, quite a jump from 47% from two years ago.

That’s not to say that Mac’s are completely taking over–PC’s still have a HUGE lead over Mac’s who only have around 8 – 10% market share in the corporate world. They are gaining some ground though, and the switch to Intel processors I’m sure is helping quite a bit.

People are realizing that with a Mac they can run Apple’s OS X as well as Windows and Linux, so as David Pogue puts it “why wouldn’t you buy a computer that can run all your applications, whichever platform you need?”

[Via TUAW]

RIM responds to rumors: BlackBerry Bold not delayed

According to BlackBerry maker RIM, the upcoming BlackBerry Bold smartphone is not delayed is on tracker a summer delivery.

At a press event, RIM public relations director Erik Van Drunen said that “we didn’t say anything about ‘July’ or ‘August’…it will be available in August.”

When asked about the rumored overheating problem, Van Drunen said “I don’t know where that’s coming from at all…it is performing well and meeting all of RIM’s stringent requirements for bringing the product to market in partnership with our carriers.”

[Via Electronista and BetaNews]

BlackBerry Bold delayed for US? [UPDATED]

According to a new rumor about the upcoming RIM BlackBerry Bold smartphone, its launch has been pushed back until sometime in August because of a software bug.

According to the rumor, there is a software bug that is causing overheating and poor battery life. So much so that AT&T won’t certify it yet.

According to BGR it is still coming to Canada’s Rogers, though, so if you’re desperate to be the first person in your office to have one looks like you’ll have to head to Canada.

UPDATE: RIM has responded to the rumor and said that it is NOT delayed and is on track for an August release, also pointing out that they never said it would be out in July. Check out the details in this post.

[Via Gizmodo]

Layoffs hit Motorola Labs


Effective July 1st, Motorola Labs is laying off 120 of their 600 employees and reassigning another 180 to individual business units. The remaining 300 will become a new, smaller unit called “Applied Research & Technology Center”.

No comments from Motorola about the move but they did confirm a reorganization.

In a statement, the company said, “this direct alignment will help R&D teams work with their business partners to optimize R&D investment and focus on projects that deliver the greatest value for Motorola.”

[Via Engadget]

GE makes OLED manufacturing breakthrough, printed like newspaper


Researchers at GE have successfully demonstrated a new way to manufacture OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) using a newspaper-printing like roll-to-roll process–a big step towards lowering OLED manufacturing costs.

“The demonstration of a low-cost, roll-to-roll process for OLED lighting represents the successful completion of a four-year, $13 million research collaboration among GE Global Research, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENER) and the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The goal of the collaboration was to demonstrate a cost-effective system for the mass production of organic electronics products such as flexible electronic paper displays, portable TV screens the size of posters, solar powered cells and high-efficiency lighting devices.”

OLEDs are thin, organic materials sandwiched between two electrodes. When a charge is applied, the material illuminates. OLEDs have the potential to deliver the same light quality we’re used to while using less power.

GE hopes to bring OLED lighting products to market by 2010.

[Via Businesswire]

Palm ranks lowest in mobile phone satisfaction survey


In a recent survey of mobile phone users by ChangeWave Research, 4,182 people were asked if they would consider themselves very satisfied with their mobile phone.

Any guess who came in first?

In second place was RIM, makers of the BlackBerry, with 55% of their users saying that they are very satisfied. Above them, in first place, is Apple with 72%.

How about at the bottom of the list. Motorola?

Nope, with 34% Motorola was second from the bottom. Its actually a three way tie for the second to last position with Samsung and Sony Ericsson also at 34%.

In last place, with only 30% of users saying that they are very satisfied with their mobile phone, is Palm.

[Via Engadget]