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Google finally updates Android SDK beta, version 0.9 released with major UI changes


After some delays in getting an update to the Android SDK released to the masses, Google has finally rolled out their version 0.9 SDK r1 beta, the first formal release of the SDK.

This version includes some pretty significant UI changes along with some bug fixes and lots of new API enhancements.

Hopefully people that had been developing an Android application using the previous SDK build won’t have too many changes to make to their code to get things working on this new SDK release.

For more on what’s new check out the release notes here or grab yourself a copy of the SDK here.

[Via Gizmodo]


Nokia US E71 smarthpone now available


Last Thursday Nokia held a private launch event in New York and Chicago for it’s new US E71 smartphone and today’s the day it becomes available for the rest of us.

Specs of the US E71 include:

  • Support for GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, WCDMA 850 / WCDMA 1900
  • 2.4 inch 320 x 240 display able to display 16.7 million colors
  • S60 operation system, 3rd edition, Feature Pack 1
  • 110MB built-in memory
  • 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • GPS and A-GPS, along with Nokia Maps 2.0 for turn-by-turn navigation
  • 3.2 megapixel camera able to record video

Look for it to sell for around $500.

For more info check out the press release here.

[Via Engadget]

Gears of War 2 coming in November, Fable 2 in October

A couple of new release dates have been announced at E3 for some hot properties coming to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 this year.

Fable 2 will be released in October (no exact date was given) and Gears of War 2 will be released on November 7th (not the 9th as was previously thought).

[Via Kotaku here and here]

Gears of War 2 coming November 9th?


On a new Gears of War image posted here they show someone, presumably Marcus Fenix (the protagonist from the first Gears of War game), holding several dog tags.

If you look at them closely you’ll see that one of them has numbers on it:

033 116 117 126 071

If you were to assume that those were octal values and look them up on an ASCII table (like this one), you’d see that they convert to:


Looks like hidden in plain sight is the release date for Gears of War 2–November 9th.

No official confirmation from Epic on this yet, but its not likely that the numbers on the dog tag are random, so looks like a release date to me.

Good catch, DieNasty!

[Via CrunchGear]

Sony DualShock 3 controller finally coming to Europe

European PlayStation 3 gamers eager to get their hands on Sony’s DualShock 3 controller (the one that brings back the rumble feature that was missing from the original PS3 controllers) will finally be able to do that on July 2nd without having to resort to importing one.

The DualShock 3 controller will be compatible with many existing PS3 titles as long as you have upgraded to at least the 1.94 firmware.

Look for it to hit on July 2nd, so just two more days.

[Via Kotaku]

Firefox 3 released [UPDATED]

If you’ve been following Firefox 3 you probably already know this but in case you haven’t today’s the day Firefox 3 gets released for the Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Help Mozilla hit their goal of becoming the most downloaded application in a single day by grabbing yourself a copy here.

If the server is busy keep on trying, a LOT of people are trying to grab it right now.

UPDATE: Less than four hours into their 24-hour window, more than 1 million people around the world have already downloaded Firefox 3!

Mozilla announces Firefox 3 release date


After over 34 months of active development, the final version of Firefox 3 is coming next week!

In their developer blog the Mozilla developers announced that Tuesday, June 17th, is the day you’ll be able to get your hands on the release version of their browser.

“After more than 34 months of active development, and with the contributions of thousands, we’re proud to announce that we’re ready.”

Help them meet their goal of setting the Guinness World Record on June 17th as the most downloaded software in a single day.

[Via TUAW]

Firefox 3 almost done, a few bugs on Mac side to work out [UPDATED]

According to the Firefox development team release candidate 2 of their Firefox 3 browser was so good that they are releasing the same version as RC3 on the Windows and Linux side.

On the Mac side the picture is a little different with a few new bugs turning up after Apple’s recent 10.5.3 update.

Just 17 bugs left on the list which they expect to have fixed by the end of this week.

Stay tuned–the wait is almost over!

UPDATE: The Mozilla developers have announced the release date! Check out this post for more info.

[Via Download Squad]

Mozilla releases Firefox 3 RC2


Mozilla has released their second release candidate for their Firefox web browser, potentially the last version before the final version of the browser is released.

Changes for this version include some security and performance improvements and a few new features like tags your bookmarks so you can find the one you’re looking for easier.

For a complete list of what’s new check out the Firefox 3 RC2 release notes here.

If you are already running a previous build of Firefox 3 you can get the new version from the “Check for Updates” link in the help menu. Otherwise, for a new installation grab it here for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I’ve been using Firefox 3 as my primary browser for the last couple months on my PC’s and Mac’s and am loving it.

[Via CrunchGear]

Apple releases iPhone SDK beta 6

In addition to releasing the 10.5.3 update for their Leopard operating system, Apple today released an updated version of their iPhone SDK, bringing it to beta 6.

Not much is known right now about beta 6 of the iPhone SDK except that it’s big (around 1.2GB) and requires Leopard 10.5.3.

For more info and to download the latest SDK check out Apple’s iPhone DevCenter here.

[Via TUAW]