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Temporarily stop Windows Update restart nagging with Leave Me Alone!


Windows updates are good–they help keep Windows secure-ish and stable-ish, but the constant nagging when Windows Update wants to restart your computer can be a real pain.

You can hack at your Windows Registry to try and get it to leave you alone (which will also require a restart) or you can try a free program called Leave Me Alone! which will temporarily turn off the nagging.

Just run the app and click on the button labeled ‘Leave Me Alone!’ and these message will be suppressed so you can finish what you need to finish and restart when you’re ready.

Then, when your computer reboots, it’s back to normal and an update that requires a restart will nag you as before.

How does the program work? By stopping the Windows Update service, which is responsible for Windows checking for updates automatically and nagging about reboots. Obviously you’ll want to reboot your computer so the update can be applied and things can return to normal.

Leave Me Alone! works for Windows XP and Vista. For more info check out the product page here.

[Via Download Squad]


SP3 for Windows XP causing some computers to reboot endlessly

Microsoft’s recently released SP3 for their Windows XP operating system seems to be creating some problems for some users trying to use their computer after installing it.

According to a post in Microsoft’s support forum, some users installing SP3 are finding themselves in an endless cycle of rebooting. Computers with this problem seem to have one thing in common: an AMD processor.

According to Jesper Johansson, former program manager for security policy at Microsoft, there are two separate issues going on.

The first issue affects HP computers with AMD processors and has to do with a power management drive file called intelppm.sys. HP (among others) uses the same base image for their Intel-based and AMD-based computers. When this file is install and running it generally isn’t a problem, except during the first reboot after a service pack installation where it causes the machine to either fail to boot or crash and immediately reboot.

The second issue, also seeming to affect only AMD users, involves an error about the computers BIOS though the BIOS is not likely a problem. Johansson says that it may be related to computers with the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard but he can’t say for sure.

Thankfully, Johansson has posted a workaround for each of these two problems. To fix the first issue you’ll need to disable the intelppm.sys file, while users with the second issue will need to plug in a USB flash drive before booting.