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Psystar preparing for battle with Apple, hires Carr & Farrell


When Apple sued computer maker Psystar it didn’t really come as a surprise but this move might surprise some.

Instead of fading away, Psystar has hired California law firm Carr & Farrell, a firm that specializes in intellectual property cases to take on the company from Cupertino and this isn’t their first time going up against Apple.

A couple of years ago Apple and Burst.com were involved in a patent infringement case. Carr & Farrell represented Burst.com, Apple settled, and Burst.com got $10 million.

Could be an interesting fight…

[Via CrunchGear]


Psystar headquarters for sale


Mac clone maker Psystar, recently sued by Apple for license violations and copyright infringement, has listed their headquarters in Doral, Florida, for sale for the sum of $4.6 million.

The 47,000 square foot warehouse is “priced for quick sale” and according to Florida state records the property is owned by Constructora Canahuati which is believed to not be connected to Psystar.

Maybe the owner is selling off the property to kick out Pystar and (hopefully) avoid be dragging into a lawsuit of their very own by Apple?

[Via Yahoo News]

Apple [finally] sues Psystar

In the “about time” category, Apple has filed a lawsuit against Mac-clone maker Psystar for license violations and copyright infringement.

Psystar, as you’ve probably heard by now, was selling PC’s that were made from components so similar to the one’s Apple uses for their Mac’s that they were able to install Mac OS X onto them, giving you a way to get your hands on a “Mac” for a lot less than you’d pay for a Mac.

Some people in the OSX86 community weren’t so happy with Psystar for trying to monetize the process of getting OS X onto a PC and it looks like they may have the last laugh. I really can’t see Apple losing this–the license agreement for OS X says that the operating system cannot be ran on non-Apple hardware.

[Via TUAW]

Psystar introduces OpenServ, Xserve competitor


Controversial PC maker Psystar has introduced a pair of new rack mountable servers, the OpenServ 1100 and 2400.

OpenServ’s are able to run Windows, Linux, or even Mac OS X Server.

The OpenServ 1100 starts at $1,599.99 and comes with:

  • CentOS 5.1 Linux preinstalled
  • Intel Xeon E5420 Harpertown 2.5GHz quad-core processor
  • 4GB of fully-buffered DDR2 667MHz RAM
  • One 750GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
  • Dual gigabit ethernet
  • Integrated graphics
  • No monitor, keyboard or mouse is included

The OpenServ 2400 starts at $1,999.99 and has the same standard configuration as the 1100 but has 6 drive bays (the 1100 only has four).

For more info check out the product page here.

[Via CrunchGear]

Psystar Open Computer unboxed, benchmarked

It looks like sceptics (myself included) of Psystar and their Open Computer may be wrong after all.

Engadget managed to get their hands on one of the $399 Mac-clones and while it’s not perfect it is at least real and that’s something.

Here’s what they’ve noticed so far:

  • It’s running 10.5.2, build 9C31, which is behind the latest Apple build of 9C7010.
  • The mobo is a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L with an Intel G31 Express chipset. We’re not sure which model of Core 2 Duo is in there as of yet.
  • The graphics card appears to be an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, but it doesn’t show up in ASP, so we have to confirm. Psystar’s store says it’s supposed to be a 256MB card, but we have 512MB — strange.
  • It’s LOUD. Crazy loud. OS X doesn’t seem to interface with the fan controller, so it runs at full tilt all the time. It doesn’t really come across on the video, but it’s loud enough so that it’s hard to talk on the phone when the machine is running. There’s no way we could deal with this thing on a daily basis.
  • The DHCP lease drops every fifteen minutes or so and you have to manually renew it in prefs.
  • Apple System Profiler doesn’t know how to read the configurations of several systems, notably memory and audio. The Audio screen just says there’s no built-in audio, while the Memory page returns an error.
  • That said, audio works just fine, showing up in prefs as HD Audio Output, and obviously the memory works fine.
  • We plugged in a couple cameras, an iPod, and an iPhone, everything worked as expected.
  • There’s no iMovie or iPhoto out of the box, since iLife doesn’t come with Leopard — you’ll have to buy it separately.
  • Time Machine seemed to recognize an external HD, but we didn’t have time to fully test it out.
  • The included copy of Leopard was out of the shrinkwrap, but there’s no way to install it — it shows up in Startup Disk but it won’t restart, and it’s not recognized at boot.
  • Front Row works fine.
  • You can grab the entire System Profiler file here, if you’re so inclined — just make sure and share with the group if you notice anything crazy, okay?

To see their benchmark results for yourself and even watch a video of the machine in action check out their post here.

[Via Engadget]

Psystar bogus?

On April 14th when news of a new Apple Mac clone being released by a company called Psystar word quickly spread across the Internet of this powerful yet reasonably priced computer that would allegedly run Mac OS 10.5 Leopard natively–no special hacked OSx86 version needed.

It all sounded a bit too good to be true and more and more it’s looking like that’s exactly what it is.

Gizmodo did some digging and here’s what they’ve been able to find out about Psystar so far:

  • The company claims to operate out of Miama but the Miami Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau has never heard of them.
  • The first location that was supposedly where the company operated was a residence…part way through that day the street address listed by the company on their website was changed so that address was checked out…it belongs to a company called “USA KOEN PACK”, a packing supply company. A reader spoke personally with the manager of USA KOEN PACK and they had never heard of Psystar and they were not at that address. The address changed a THIRD time.

    One of the addresses they used was one that was listed for sale recently for nearly $6 million.

  • When another read actually tried to purchase a computer from them and found that the transaction wasn’t secure–definitely something you want if you’re entering your credit card info into a web page.
  • Another reader checked with the Florida Corporate filing office and found that Psystar’s principles are Rodolfo and Roberto Pedraza who are also officers or agents in several other companies in Florida, including FORECEED CORPORATION, DECO MOTORS CORPORATION, FLORIDATEK, and PSYSTAR CORPORATION. The FloridaTek site seems to want you to download a program called “floridatek.exe” when you click on a link. Ummm…yeah, that’s a good idea.

Is Psystar a scam/con/bogus company? It looks that way, yes…or it could just be a very unorganized new company. Either way, don’t give them any of your money until they are proven real or BS conclusively.

[Via Gizmodo]

Psystar releases Open Computer, Apple Mac clone [UPDATED]

psystar_openmacIts been nearly 10 years since the last of the Mac clones died off as a result of Apple bringing an end to the program after Steve Jobs’ return to the company.

Apple hasn’t changed their policy, but that apparently isn’t stopping small Miami-based Psystar from doing it anyway.

Their new OpenMac Open Computer computer is essentially a Mac Mini with twice the memory for half the price in a larger, more expandable case, with its specs including:

  • 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 2GB DDR2 memory
  • Integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics
  • 250GB 7200RPM hard drvie
  • 20x DVD+/-R drive
  • 4 USB ports

Psystar claims that their OpenMac Open Computer is able to run Apple’s 10.5 Leopard operating system without needing any modifications, so that should mean that updates should work fine too.

For $399 it’s a good deal for sure, but does this technically violate’s Leopard’s EULA by having it installed onto a non-Apple piece of hardware?

Psystar’s website is down as I write this, but it’s not known if it’s the result of being hammered by people looking for a cheap Mac or because of legal action by Apple’s lawyers.

UPDATE: I was finally able to get into the site and poke around a bit–it’s slow but it’s up.

UPDATE 2: Looks like the company may not be legit. Check out the store here.

Update 2: Looks like they’re calling it “Open Computer”, not “OpenMac”, so I’ve updated this post to reflect that.

[Via Fortune]