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New Nikon D80 firmware available


Nikon has released an update to the firmware for their D80 DSLR. If you’re a D80 owner and have noticed a problem with the batter life indicator, this new firmware (version 1.11) should fix it.

In the US you can grab it here:

And if you’re in the EU you can grab it here:

[Via Photography Bay]


Short film shot with Canon 5D Mark II


New York-based photographer Vincent Laforet got his hands on a pre-release version of the new Canon 5D Mark II DSLR that includes an option to record HD video.

He wasn’t initially supposed to be one of the select few photographers who got to test it out before the camera was officially announced but he managed to talk his way into having it for the weekend. The catch? He had to produce a video and series of stills “completely independent of Canon”, so no budget at all, and Canon would have the rights to use any of it if they liked it.

Deal and he got the camera for the weekend.

The video that resulted from his testing is stunning. It’s hard to believe that it was shot entirely on a DSLR but it was–the Canon 5D Mark II and a few lenses.

Laforet calls it a potential “gaming changer” and breaks it down into list of reasons:

1. The 5D MKII camera produces the best stills in low light that I’ve ever seen – what you can see with you eye in the worst light (such as sodium-vapor street lights at 3 a.m. in Brooklyn) – this camera can capture it with ease.

2. It produces the best video in low light that I’ve ever seen – at 1080p. A top commercial film editor who who regularly edits RED camera footage – and has seen the raw footage from the 5D MKII – says the 5D MKII is “far superior to the RED camera” in terms of low light performance…

3. You can use your prime and zoom lenses from your Canon still cameras with it – and shoot wide open… so you can shoot films with fisheye lenses, 50mm 1.2 as well as the 200mm f2 or 400mm 2.8 that you may already own…

4. This camera is so easy to use – that you can work incredibly quickly, mostly handheld – without a huge production – and using natural light – ergo you don’t need a huge budget and tons of preparation anymore… forget the lighting trucks and generators that take up entire city blocks…

5. This camera will sell for approx. $2,700 – and perform better than many $100K plus video cameras out there…

6. Photojournalists in particular – will be able to take full advantage of this camera’s strengths – because they are used to walking into any room, and finding the best natural “available light” in the room – or knowing how to add a single light source to make it pop… they are used to working quickly and with small or no budgets… which is something this camera is begging you to do…

It has the potential to change our industry.

Without further ado, check out the video for yourself here and see what you think.

To read more of Laforet’s story of testing out the 5D Mark II, check it out here in his blog.

Carl Zeiss announces two Canon lenses


Carl Zeiss has announced two Canon-friendly lenses that don’t require a special adapter to make them fit.

The Planar T 1.4/50 ZE ($660) and 1.4/85 ZE ($1,770) are 100% physically and electronically compatible with Canon’s EF mount and should be available in a few months and additional models expected to follow.

[Via Gizmodo]

Canon officially announces 5D Mark II


Waiting for official word on an upgrade to Canon’s excellent 5D DSLR? Your wait is over–meet the 5D Mark II.

Features of the 5D Mark II include:

  • 21.1 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 4 image processor
  • ISO range of 100 – 6400 with expanded range of 50 – 25,600
  • Able to shoot 3.9 fps
  • 6 autofocus points plus 6 autofocus assist points
  • 98% coverage viewfinder
  • 3-inch LCD with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings
  • Live View
  • Able to record full HD 1920 x 1080 video and stereo audio for up to 4GB per clip
  • Updated EOS Integrated Cleaning System to work with new full-frame sensor
  • Uses CF Card Type I and II
  • HDMI output
  • Compatible with EF/EF-S lenses and most EOS System accessories

Some may grumble at the HD video feature but I suspect it may be like Live View–purists will complain but some will secretly be thankful it’s there for occasions where they just can’t get their eye behind the viewfinder. There will be times the ability to record HD video clips with audio will come in handy too.

Look for the 5D Mark II to be available at the end of November and go for $2,699 for the body only or $3,499 with a new EF 24 – 105mm f/1.4L II USM lens.

For more info check out the product page here.

Canon 5D Mark II announcement coming on September 17th?

According to some translated info German photography magazine website Kamera & Bild, Canon will be announcing the replacement to their current 5D camera, the 5D Mark II.

It’s not clear where they’re getting that info but I’ll assume for now that it’s accurate, so look for more info on the rumored 5D Mark II next Wednesday.

[Via Photography Bay]

Sony officially announces Alpha A900 DSLR


Days after some photos of the A900 DSLR began hitting the Internet, Sony has gone ahead and made the camera official.

Features of the Alpha A900 will include:

  • 24.6 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor (dubbed “Exmor”)
  • Dual BIONZ Image Processing Engine
  • Intelligent Preview
  • 100% Viewfinder, 0.74x magnification
  • 3-inch, 921,000 dot Xtra Fine LCD
  • 9-point center dual-cross AF
  • 5 fps continuous shooting
  • SteadyShot Inside new image stabilization system
  • 13 image quality modes
  • HDMI output
  • Compatible with MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, MS PRO-HG Duo, and Compact Flash (Type I and II)

The camera will go on sale in November (pre-order to begin on September 10th) and be sold body only for $2,999.99.

To go with the A900 Sony has also announced a couple of new lenses that will be available beginning in January:

The wide-angle Vario Sonnar T (model number: SAL1635ZA):

  • 16 – 35mm F2.8
  • Carl Zeiss glass
  • Will sell for $1,800

The 5.7x super zoom SAL70400G :

  • 70 – 400mm f/4-5.6 G Series Lens
  • Will sell for $1,500

For more details check out the press release here.

[Via Photography Bay and PC Mag]

Sony A900 DSLR caught in the wild


Sony’s upcoming but not yet officially announced A900, their 24 megapixel full frame DSLR, seems to have been caught in the wild in Belgium sporting a Carl Zeiss 16 – 35mm f/2.8 lens.

The camera should be officially unveiled at or just before Photokina opening on September 23rd in Cologne, Germany.

[Via Photography Bay]

Canon posts teaser site for upcoming DSLR announcement


Canon has posted a new teaser website that shows a camera in front of the moon, each heavily shadowed so just rough shapes can be made out, accompanied by the text “Destined EVOLUTION”.

A sure sign of an upcoming 5D Mark II announcement? Many believe so.

No more info is known at this point, but look for more to come out in the next week or two.

Check out the teaser yourself here if you’re interested.

[Via Gizmodo]

Canon releases firmware update for EOS Rebel XSi

Canon yesterday announced that a new firmware was available for their EOS Rebel XSi DSLR, version 1.0.9.

This update:

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) shooting does not operate normally under specific conditions.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the Live View exposure simulation warning indication does not properly display during Live View shooting.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which images cannot be played back after continuous shooting when a printer is connected to the camera or a video output terminal is used.

For more information or to download the update, check out this page.

[Via Photography Bay]

Canon 5D Mark II already in the hands of some media outlets?

According to some new Canon rumor info, two new DSLR’s will be announced at Photokina and one will almost certainly be the highly anticipated 5D Mark II.

A poster in the in the DPR forum says that “production units of the 5D replacement have already been shipping to some long-lead media outlets under NDA so the can get their reviews lined-up for the day the embargo lifts.”

So if one of the cameras is the 5D Mark II what with the other be?

Photography Bay believes that it could be the 7D, but we’ll see by the time Photokina opens on September 23rd. If you’re in the market for a budget DSLR, neither of these would be it with the price possibly starting around $2,000 for the 7D and $3,500 for 5D Mark II.

[Via Photography Bay]