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Sony recalls 438,000 laptops


Sony has begun a voluntary recall of 438,000 Vaio laptop computers, 72,800 of which are in the US, because of potential overheat issues.

The models affected include the VGN-TZ100, VGN-TZ200, VGN-T300, VGN-TZ2000 and the problem is related to “irregularly positioned wires near the computer’s hinge and/or disloged screw inside the hinge” which can cause a short circuit and result in the computer overheating, possibly burning the user.

[Via Reuters]


Dell adds to list of notebooks with NVIDIA GPU problems

Dell has added a few more notebooks to their list of those with the faulty NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs); the amended list now contains:

  • Dell Precision M2300
  • Dell Precision M4300
  • Dell Precision M65
  • Inspiron 1420
  • Latitude D620
  • Latitude D630
  • Latitude D630c
  • Latitude D820
  • Latitude D830
  • Vostro Notebook 1310
  • Vostro Notebook 1400
  • Vostro Notebook 1510
  • Vostro Notebook 1710
  • XPS M1330
  • XPS M1530

No word yet on when the “fix” will be released to the systems just added to the list but Dell does say that they will be altering warranty terms to make sure that customers don’t get forced into paying for repairs on these defective parts.

The “fix”, by the way, is a BIOS patch that will slow down the GPU speed and/or keep the GPU fan on full time so the part won’t overheat.

For more info about Dell’s program check out this page.

[Via Electronista]

CoolBook: Possible fix for freezing MacBook Air’s


MacBook Air’s look great, but underneath that slim, sexy exterior is a problem that for some users is causing their precious to hiccup and/or freeze.

For some users EFI updates from Apple have helped, while others can’t do much of anything without their MBA hanging.

Some users are saying its the result of overheating caused by misapplied thermal grease as with the MacBook Pro overheating problem from last year. (As you may recall, Apple was in the news for a similar problem last year and some users were shocked at how much thermal grease was slathered onto their MBP’s logic boards.

Apple hasn’t admitted anything regarding thermal grease and the MacBook Air’s, but some users are blaming overheating and the problems sound consistent with an overheating computer.

You could try to trying your MBA to a Genius at your local Apple store, or you could try a $10 software application recommended by Chip Chick called CoolBook which did the trick for them.

What CoolBook does is allow you to reduce the heat and load on your MBA’s CPU cores, memory, etc. by allowing you to easily dial down the clock speed and voltage going to your processors, giving you a cooler running, quieter computer while extending your battery life a bit.

Chip Chick tried it out and their MacBook Air is “running great” and they are “no longer experiencing those super aggravating freezes and chokes.”

Sure, it sucks to have to spend $10 to fix something that Apple should fix to begin with but if you can spend $10 now and maybe get a fix or wait a few months and hope things get better, I’d spend the $10.

[Via Chip Chick]