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Video of Garmin Nuvifone UI


Laptop Mag managed to snag a video of the upcoming Garmin Nuvifone user interface.

The video shows off a device that looks like it could be hitting retail soon, but apparently it actually has some stability problems that need to be sorted out first.

Check out the video here if you’re interested.

No official pricing, release or carrier info just yet, but it is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of this year.

[Via Gizmodo]


Garmin nüvifone coming to AT&T for $499?


Is the Garmin nüvifone coming to AT&T later this year for $499?

An Engadget reader got their hands on a Garmin survey and in it asked this question:

“Now, how likely would you be to buy the Garmin nüvifone (for yourself or as a gift) if offered by AT&T for $499.99 with a two year contract? You would be required to have both a data plan that would include unlimited Internet browsing and unlimited Navigation for $19.99 per month and one of the standard voice rate plans for a monthly fee.”

Since the price and carrier of the nüvifone hasn’t officially been announced yet this is still technically a rumor but it seems that its one that has a decent chance of being true.

For more info about the nüvifone check out this post.

[Via Engadget]

Nuvio sues Garmin over nüvifone trademark


Several weeks ago Garmin announced a GPS and phone hybrid device called the nüvifone.

But all is not right in nuvi-ville.

Business phone service provider Nuvio has filed a lawsuit against Garmin claiming that Garmin has violated Nuvio’s trademark over the name nüvifone.

Nuvio CEO Jason P. Talley said “while we would have preferred to settle this without resorting to a lawsuit, we felt it was important to ensure that our customers and potential customers are not confused by someone abusing our legally protected trademark…our customers commonly refer to our service as the Nuvio phone.”

A cease and desist order was served to Garmin on January 31.

[Via Electronista]

Garmin introduces nüvifone GPS, phone hybrid


Today GPS-maker Garmin introduced the nüvifone, a new device that combines the features of a GPS and mobile phone into one device.

From the press release:

“The nüvifone is an all-in-one device offering unmatched integration of utility and function in a single mobile device,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin’s president and COO. “This is the breakthrough product that cell phone and GPS users around the world have been longing for — a single device that does it all.”

The device features a 3.5-inch touchscreen, HSDPA support, an Internet browser, turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts, support for Google’s local search capability, built-in camera, and support for MP3, MPEG4 and AAC files.

No pricing or carrier information yet, but it is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of this year.

If you want check out the entire press release you can find it here.

[Via Engadget]