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Mio Knight Rider GPS available for pre-order

You might remember back in June when word of the upcoming Knight Rider themed GPS device by Mio first hit the Internet.

Looks like its release is nearly upon us.

Radio Shack has begun taking pre-orders for the device with an expected release of September 24th.

It’s pretty heavily Knight Rider branded, so you’d have to be a pretty big fan to spend $269.99 on this device, but if you check out the video below of it in action and realize you must have it then by all means jump on it–you can pre-order it here.

[Via Engadget]


New iPhone 2.1 firmware beta, SDK seeded to developers

A new iPhone firmware, version 2.1 (beta 1, build 5F90), has been released to developers for testing with their applications.

A couple of interesting new additions are new Core Location features and Push Notifications APIs.

The Core Locations features can be used to track direction and speed while you travel, so this *could* be a sign that a turn-by-turn navigation app is coming.

The Push Notifications APIs are still a bit early so don’t expect them to have too much polish at the moment, but they’ll give developers the ability for apps they develop to be able to process notifications, meaning you won’t have to necessarily have an app open for it to receive and process data–nice for IM applications.

Apple is looking to have the Push Notifications feature rolled out by September, so saying that we’ll see the 2.1 firmware released by then too would be a good guess.

If you’re a developer and eager to start playing around with 2.1 and updated SDK, this is important: the new SDK cannot currently be used to submit apps to the App Store.

[Via Mac Rumors]

Garmin announces new Nuvi 500, 550 GPS


GPS maker Garmin has released a couple of new products into their Nuvi line of GPS devices, the Nuvi 500 and 550, designed to be the one GPS you’ll ever need to carry, regardless of whether you’re walking, driving or boating.

Both the Nuvi 500 and 550 are rugged and waterproof, designed to be able to travel with you no matter here you need to take it. The 500 includes city and topo maps of the 48 contiguous US, while the 550 drops topo maps in favor of including highway coverage.

It looks like topo maps can be added to the 550, so I’d assume that highway maps can be added to the 500. Are they really planning on not including highway support on the 500? Sounds off to me but maybe it’s true?

Look for both the Nuvi 500 and Nuvi 550 to go on sale soon for around $499 each.

For more info check out the product pages here for the Nuvi 500 and here for the Nuvi 550.

[Via Gizmodo]

Video of upcoming Mio Knight Rider GPS in action

I’ve got to admin, while this sounds cool when I first heard about it, the upcoming Mio Knight Rider-themed GPS looks a bit cheesy for me and I think I’d be a bit embarrassed to use it if anyone was with me.

Look for it to come out around August of this year and sell for about $270.

Want to see it in action for yourself? Check out this video:

[Via Engadget]

Mio Knight Rider GPS


I’m almost embarrassed to be excited about this but yeah…this sounds pretty sweet. Meet the Knight Rider GPS by Mio.

This GPS will feature the voice of KITT (the original one, not Val Kilmer) and will greet you with “Hello, Michael, where do you want to go today?”

On either side of the GPS display are red lights that move the way you remember KITT’s lights moving, but this time its vertical instead of horizontal. The car icon used to indicate your position on the screen? Black Trans Am (of course).

No release date yet but expect it to go for around $270.

[Via Engadget]

Video of Garmin Nuvifone UI


Laptop Mag managed to snag a video of the upcoming Garmin Nuvifone user interface.

The video shows off a device that looks like it could be hitting retail soon, but apparently it actually has some stability problems that need to be sorted out first.

Check out the video here if you’re interested.

No official pricing, release or carrier info just yet, but it is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of this year.

[Via Gizmodo]

Microsoft announces Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, new OS for GPS devices

Can’t get enough Windows? Soon you’ll be able to get it on a GPS device too thanks to Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, a new operating system announced today by Microsoft.

The OS is based on Windows Embedded CE, key features of NavReady 2009 will include:

  • Live Search
  • Bluetooth
  • MSN Direct
  • Windows SideShow functionality

“As a leading designer and manufacturer of portable navigation devices we have relied on Windows Embedded CE as a proven real-time operating system for our Mio product line,” said Samuel Wang, president of Mio Technology Corp. “With the launch of Windows Embedded NavReady 2009 and the introduction of features including Live Search, MSN Direct and Bluetooth capabilities, we are looking forward to bringing our next-generation PNDs to market with a richer end-user experience and in a reduced timeframe.”

Devices featuring the new OS could be hitting retail in time for the 2008 holiday season.

Check out the full press release here if you’re interested.

[Via Engadget]

TomTom working on iPhone 3G navigation app?


When the iPhone 3G was announced yesterday I was excited to hear about the GPS feature, but bummed to learn that there wasn’t a turn-by-turn navigation app.

I figured that someone would make such a app available in the App Store at some point and that someone just might be TomTom.

A spokesperson for TomTom said on Monday “our navigation system runs on the iPhone already.”

Unfortunately it’s not 100% clear if the quote is out of context, a misunderstanding about what “runs on the iPhone” means, or if TomTom really is preparing to release their navigation software for the iPhone so I’m marking this as a rumor for now until more info comes out.

[Via Reuters]

Dash begins shipping Express, Internet-connected GPS [UPDATED]

dash_expressThe new Dash Express GPS has begun shipping and could begin arriving as soon as tomorrow.

What makes the Express different from other GPS devices is its Internet-connectivity, allowing users to do live Yahoo searches from the devices as well as send addresses and Google Earth landmarks to the device from their home computer, as well as the ability for Express users to share points of interest and real-time traffic data with one another.

Interested? The Dash Express will set you back $600 and will require a subscription to the Dash online service for all of its features to work which goes for $10/month if you sign a two-year contract. Otherwise it will cost you $13/month.

For more information check out the product page here.

UPDATE: Dash has announced a price drop on the Express of $200, making the new price $399. If you’re looking for one within the next 30-days you’ll need to get it from Amazon (ships on April 5th) as they have a 30-day exclusive retail deal. After that you should see it in more places. No change on the monthly subscription fee, though.

[Via Electronista]

Layoffs coming to SiRF


Navigation chipset manufacturer SiRF today announced that as a result of lower than expected orders for 2008 they dropped their first quarter expectation by roughly $10 million.

Bad news for SiRF employees as the company will be cutting 7 percent of their workforce and closing its offices in San Francisco and Stockholm, Sweden.

The company will also be dropping its mobile TV business which was still in development.

[Via Electronista]