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Video of Meizu M8 in action


Looks like the Meizu M8, the most obvious of the iPhone clones, might really be getting ready to hit retail. A video of the device in action has been posted to YouTube and I must say, it doesn’t look bad.

Its lacking some of the polish that Apple has in their interface, but all in all it looks like a pretty nice effort.

Check it out for yourself below:

[Via Engadget]


Meizu M8 MiniOne still alive, coming later this year

The first iPhone clone to get attention was the M8 MiniOne by Meizu, first showed off in late 2006.

The M8 is back in the news and may actually be releasing later this year.

According to Meizu CEO Jack Wong the M8 (MiniOne has been dropped from the name because people kept referring to it as just the M8 so the company is going with that) will be available in white only and will be released in October or November of this year “at the latest.”

The hardware is “essentially the same, but the software has been improved.”

We’ll see, I guess…

[Via Engadget and MP4 Nation Blog]

Meizu M8 MiniOne coming in August?


The first of the iPhone clones to get pretty good attention was the Meizu M8 (then called the MiniOne), back in November of last year.

After missing CES in January and CeBIT in March people seemed to forget about the M8 but now it’s starting to get a bit of attention again.

Could the M8 actually be nearing release?

According to Meizu chief J. Wong, it just may.

Wong hinted at an August release in this post, saying that a basic model may be ready with 128MB of memory and a second model with 256MB and an 8GB flash storage card, would be out around October and go for roughly $320.

If it does [finally] get released, it may only be officially available in China. Maybe we’ll find out more next month.

[Via Electronista]

Meizu M8 MiniOne receives UI update


The familiar looking Meizu M8 MiniOne has apparently received a user interface update, making it look a bit less like a complete rip-off of the Apple iPhone.

Sure, the interface is still similar, but its looking more like it was inspired by the iPhone interface than being nearly an exact copy.

For a gallery of images from the updated UI check out this post at Gizmodo.

[Via Gizmodo]

Meizu CeBIT booth shut down by Hanover police [UPDATED]


What would be one of the more embarrassing things that could happen to iPhone knock-off maker Meizu during the largest tech show in the world?

If you guessed have their booth shut down by police and their equipment and literature confiscated, you’re right.

People passing the Meizu booth now are being told that “the venue is closed until further notice.”

What’s going on?

The reason for the police was piracy, but no specific info has been released yet…stay tuned…

UPDATE: A little more info has come out…initially the move was believed to be at the request of Apple for patent and copyright violation over the MiniOne iPhone knock-off, but its actually the result of a license problem for one of Meizu’s other music players. Meizu isn’t saying which of their products was the problem, but they have re-occupied their booth. Thanks, Electronista.

[Via Engadget]

No Meizu M8 MiniOne at CeBIT

Meizu and their familiar looking M8 MiniOne didn’t make it to CES, and if you were hoping to get some info about it from CeBIT sorry–its not there either.

They do have a plastic mockup of the handset and tomorrow they’ll have a demo of the UI that runs from a laptop (which apparently doesn’t have all of the features implemented yet), but no actual M8.

Meizu claims that it will be shipping it in China in the next “half year” but no timeframes for other areas.

[Via Engadget]