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New aluminum MacBook’s already shipping to retailers?

According to a note from Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner, he has received confirmation that updated MacBook’s are already shipping.

“Field checks” indicate that the new MacBooks have a “very thin aluminum casing, an LED-backlit display and an aggressive entry-level price point.”

If you’re about to buy a MacBook, might want to wait a day or two for this to be confirmed or shot down.

[Via Mac Rumors]


Apple event on September 9th?

More buzz about Apple product updates as the latest rumor says that an Apple event will take place on September 9th.

New MacBook, iPod Nano and iPod Touch in two weeks?

[Via Mac Rumors]

Photo of aluminum MacBook case leaked?


There may be nothing to this, but it’s possible that the photo you see here is part of the rumored aluminum MacBook refresh coming next month.

There’s honestly not a lot to look at but it looks like its the part of the case that holds the LCD, a glowing Apple logo and the text “MacBook”.

Some of Apple’s products have already transitioned to the aluminum look (such as the iMac) but the iPhone has gone from aluminum to the white and black colors of the current MacBook, so I’m not sure which way they are leaning at this point. Guess we may find out for sure next month.

[Via Mac Rumors]

New MacBook’s coming in September? [UPDATED]

According to a new Apple rumor, updated MacBook’s might be showing up this September and feature more than just a faster CPU.

According to Seth Weintraub, author of 9to5Mac, the upcoming MacBook’s will be thinner then current MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s and feature a more rounded case made of aluminum.

Also interesting is that the trackpad on the new MacBook’s will allegedly feature a glass surface and support multi-touch and gestures, but will not feature a touchscreen as was previously rumored.

UPDATE: A picture was recently leaked (or faked) that looks like it might the new MacBook. ¬†Check it out here if you’re interested.

[Via Mac Rumors]

Apple MacBook reresh coming soon?

The folks at Mac Rumors have noticed a couple of sign that could potentially be an early indicator that their MacBook line is about to get a refresh.

The first sign appears in the Commercial Times which says that Apple has increased their orders for the circuit boards used in notebook computers by 20%.

The second sign comes from Best Buy which was allegedly told that there would be limited MacBook shipments over the next two weeks.

While Apple likes surprises and anything can happen, Mac Rumors own buyers guide says that both the MacBook and MacBook Pro are each in the middle of their product cycle and not too likely to be updated soon.

[Via Mac Rumors]

CoolBook: Possible fix for freezing MacBook Air’s


MacBook Air’s look great, but underneath that slim, sexy exterior is a problem that for some users is causing their precious to hiccup and/or freeze.

For some users EFI updates from Apple have helped, while others can’t do much of anything without their MBA hanging.

Some users are saying its the result of overheating caused by misapplied thermal grease as with the MacBook Pro overheating problem from last year. (As you may recall, Apple was in the news for a similar problem last year and some users were shocked at how much thermal grease was slathered onto their MBP’s logic boards.

Apple hasn’t admitted anything regarding thermal grease and the MacBook Air’s, but some users are blaming overheating and the problems sound consistent with an overheating computer.

You could try to trying your MBA to a Genius at your local Apple store, or you could try a $10 software application recommended by Chip Chick called CoolBook which did the trick for them.

What CoolBook does is allow you to reduce the heat and load on your MBA’s CPU cores, memory, etc. by allowing you to easily dial down the clock speed and voltage going to your processors, giving you a cooler running, quieter computer while extending your battery life a bit.

Chip Chick tried it out and their MacBook Air is “running great” and they are “no longer experiencing those super aggravating freezes and chokes.”

Sure, it sucks to have to spend $10 to fix something that Apple should fix to begin with but if you can spend $10 now and maybe get a fix or wait a few months and hope things get better, I’d spend the $10.

[Via Chip Chick]

MacBook Air hacked to support internal EV-DO


Brave and/or foolish MacBook Air owner Jordan Bunnell has posted step-by-step instructions of how he was successfully able to integrate a Verizon USB727 Aircard EV-DO card inside the case of his MacBook Air.

How? By using one of the MacBook Air’s unused USB controllers that was found shortly after the MacBook Air was released and subsequently torn apart.

While the performance of the Aircard seemed to degrade a bit after the integration the speed is still pretty impressive, with testing showing download speeds of 1,400 to 1,700kbps and uploads of 380kbps with the possibility of getting even better results with a little antenna tweaking.

[Via Engadget]

Apple releases EFI updates for MacBook, Pro, Air, and iMac

Today apple released EFI updates for their MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac computers.

What’s new?

The usual–‘fixes several issues to improve the stability’.

You should see it available in Software Update soon.¬† If you check and don’t see it yet just try checking again in a little bit. If you really, really can’t wait you can get it yourself at Apple’s support site here.

[Via TUAW]

MacBook Air reviewed as a Windows machine

macbook_air_windowsAs a relatively recent Mac switcher I still do a lot of things at work that require the use of Windows.

If I had a MacBook Air, I’d need to run Windows on it, but how well would Windows work on the Air?

The folks at X-bit Labs decided to try and find out.

So what did they think? While they found the Air “beautiful, innovative, mobile and quite functional” and were happy to see that “one of the disks that come with the notebook contains all the drivers you might need for Windows OS,” they also found that “the system would occasionally slow down showing absolutely inadequate performance numbers for the type of hardware inside” and they also found that the system would heat up quite a bit.

The performance and heat issue could potentially be fixed or at least helped with future firmware updates, but at this point it is what it is–the “MacBook Air is not the best choice for an ultra-portable Wintel solution.”

For the entire review check out this post.

[Via Engadget]

MacBook docking station by Bookendz


If you’re been looking for a docking station for your 13-inch Apple MacBook, Bookendz has you covered.

The Bookendz Docking Station for the MacBook replicates all of the ports on your MacBook so you can leave your external mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. plugged in and when its time to hit the road just slide your MacBook out of the Docking Station and leave everything else plugged in for when you return.

They call it a Docking Station but its really more of a port replicator. When I think of a docking station I think of something that you snap or slide your laptop into and with one big proprietary plug, typically recessed into the back or the underside or your laptop, the various ports on the docking station are activated.

A device like the Bookendz Docking Station is…well, a bit of a hack. In order to replicate all of the ports on your MacBook it has to physically plug into each of them.

But still, that’s all Apple’s design allowed for and for some the Docking Station is just what they’re looking for.

If you’re interested it will set you back $159. For more info, check out the product page here.

[Via Chip Chick]