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Resize Boot Camp without destroying data with Camp Tune


Mac users using Boot Camp to dual-boot into Windows now have a new tool coming their way to let them adjust the size of their Boot Camp partition without destroying any data.

How does it do it? By running off a Linux-based boot CD. Once booted up and in the tool, Camp Tune lets you reallocate disk space between your Mac partition and your Boot Camp partition.

It’s currently pre-release software and while it is you can grab a copy for free. Keep in mind that while I’m sure it’s tested pretty well if it’s being publicly released, you’re going to want to backup both your Mac and your Boot Camp partitions before you start because if something goes wrong there’s a decent chance both will be messed up.

For more info about Camp Tune check out the product page here.

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Some MobileMe users still having trouble with email

For most MobileMe users things have been working find for the last few days (after a very rough start for the new service).

Some users, however, are experiencing trouble with MobileMe’s email service that is preventing them from being able to send or receive email with their MobileMe email address.

The problem is reportedly affecting roughly 1% of MobileMe users and is due to a “serious” issue with one of Apple’s mail servers. Unfortunately no estimate is given for when they expect things to be functioning normally.

Note to Apple: after five days of downtime for these people (so far) maybe it’s time to replace troublesome server with some of the $1.07 billion you just made?

[Via Mac Rumors]

Sandvox update adds support for MobileMe


Sandvox, an easy to use WYSIWYG web page editor for the Mac, has been updated to version 1.2.8, with the most notable change being the addition of support for Apple’s new MobileMe service.

Also new in this version is iMedia Browser support so you’ll be able to access iPhone Events and Aperture galleries right from within Sandvox.

For more info check out the companies homepage here.

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Apple announces record quarter, $1.07 billion profit

Today Apple announced that during their third quarter they posted revenue of $7.46 billion and a net quarterly profit of $1.07 billion.

During the announcement, Apple chief Steve Jobs said that it was the their “best June quarter for both revenue and earnings in Apple’s history…we set a new Mac sales, we think we have a real winner with our new iPhone 3G, and we’re busy finishing several more wonderful new products to launch in the coming months.”

Some other highlights from the conference call included:

  • 38% grown in revenue over previous year-ago quarter
  • Highest quarterly Mac shipments ever
  • Apple’s share of total personal computers up to 19.5% in June
  • Best Mac quarter ever in US education
  • 11 million iPods sold; up 12% from a year ago
  • 1 million iPhone 3Gs sold in just three days
  • More than 900 applications now available in the App Store with 20% being free and 90% costing less than $10
  • Over 25 million apps downloaded from App Store so far
  • At retail stores, 476,000 Macs were sold with half going to new Mac customers
  • More new products coming this year (nothing specific was mentioned)
  • 170 Best Buy stores were added bringing the total to 570 that carry Mac’s, with the total expected to hit 600 by the end of summer

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Apple admits MobileMe launch issues, gives 30-day credit to subscribers

When Apple’s MobileMe service launched last week things didn’t exactly go as planned and the four hour maintenance window turned into 48-ish. Then, when it was finally stable, what was advertised as a “push” service had turned into a “near-instant” syncing of data, which translates into push from your iPhone but checking for updates every 15-minutes from your Mac or PC.


Apple says their sorry and is giving MobileMe subscribers a free 30-day extension to their account. If you check your account page and DON’T see the extension just yet, give it a couple weeks and it should be there.

If your service is about to expire, according to an Apple support page “your account will not expire until your 30-day extension has been applied and you have reached your new expiration date. If you recently received an email stating your account will expire soon (or you say a similar message when using MobileMe), please ignore it.”

For more info about the extension check out this page.

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MobileMe back to stay?

After trying to get into MobileMe three times in the last hour and succeeding (imagine that), it looks like the new service might be here to stay this time.

Cross your fingers, but if you’re a .Mac / MobileMe user go check it out and see if you have success too–just go to me.com and after a few seconds you should see the above login page.

MobileMe lives…sort of… [UPDATED]


After a bit of a rocky start, Apple’s new .Mac replacement, MobileMe, seems to be alive now.

For most of the day the me.com domain has been simply forwarding to the MobileMe info page but if you go to me.com right now you should get the login page.

Sooner or later.

It didn’t work for me the first time, but the second time it did. Things seem a bit slow but hopefully that will change as the day goes on. For example, the calendar loaded pretty quickly…or so it seemed, but then it popped up a rather generic error message saying simply “Calendar could not complete your action because of a server error. Please try again.”

I did, same problem.

Growing pains, I suppose. Hopefully it will get better soon.

I haven’t seen anyone really slamming Apple for what I would consider a botched service upgrade. If MobileMe was Microsoft’s and the same thing had happened with the rollout, I can’t help but think tech bloggers all across the net would be ranting and raving about how MS screwed it up.

…while I’m typing this I see that the service has gone down again and the homepage now redirects to the product info page. Your milage may vary, I suppose. Lucky I got that login page screenshot when I did, I guess. (sigh)

UPDATE: About 25 hours since .Mac went to sleep and the cutover to MobileMe began in Cupertino. Unfortunately as of two minutes ago the new MobileMe service is still offline. With any luck things will be more stable tomorrow and we can start checking out the service itself and not just the product info page.

UPDATE 2: It’s about 6:30am in California right now and MobileMe is still having some trouble. Occasionally it’s up, but most of the time the browser waits for a while on the server trying to load the login page, then eventually forwards to a page that says basically that they are working on it.

UPDATE 3: I hope I don’t jinx things, but it looks like the service might finally be up to stay. For more info check out this post.

MobileMe up, then down

Last night at 8pm (they pushed it back a couple of hours from the planned 6pm) Apple engineers took .Mac offline and began cutting over to the new MobileMe service.

The upgrade seemed to go okay, then things got really slow and the service went offline again which is where it sits at the moment; if you try and go to me.com it redirects you to the product info page instead of giving you a sign-in page.

No word on when it will be live again, but I’m sure the folks are aiming for ASAP.

MobileMe launching tomorrow evening


Apple is getting ready to launch their new MobileMe service, an upgrade to their .Mac service, July 9th beginning at 6pm.

At that time .Mac will go offline and will not be accessible while the upgrade/migration is taking place and being tested with the only exception being .Mac email which will continue to be available.

They are not sure exactly how long after 6pm the new MobileMe service will be live but their maintenance window is scheduled to end at midnight so by then is a good guess.

The boxed version of MobileMe has been added to Apple’s online store as well as to Amazon but it won’t begin shipping until July 12th.

For more info about MobileMe check out the product page here.

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EFiX priced, dated for helping instal OS X on PC’s


When EFiX first announced a USB device that would easily allow people to install Mac OS X onto PC’s using Apple’s original discs there was quite a bit of excitement and interest, but when they missed their original release date people got a little concerned.

According to EFiX lead engineer and CEO Vilhelm von Vnukov, things are under control and their V2 device will be released tomorrow with their V1 to follow three or four weeks later.

The V2 device will sell for around $125 US but will initially only be available in Taiwan and Bulgaria.

For more info check out the product pages here.

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