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Temporarily stop Windows Update restart nagging with Leave Me Alone!


Windows updates are good–they help keep Windows secure-ish and stable-ish, but the constant nagging when Windows Update wants to restart your computer can be a real pain.

You can hack at your Windows Registry to try and get it to leave you alone (which will also require a restart) or you can try a free program called Leave Me Alone! which will temporarily turn off the nagging.

Just run the app and click on the button labeled ‘Leave Me Alone!’ and these message will be suppressed so you can finish what you need to finish and restart when you’re ready.

Then, when your computer reboots, it’s back to normal and an update that requires a restart will nag you as before.

How does the program work? By stopping the Windows Update service, which is responsible for Windows checking for updates automatically and nagging about reboots. Obviously you’ll want to reboot your computer so the update can be applied and things can return to normal.

Leave Me Alone! works for Windows XP and Vista. For more info check out the product page here.

[Via Download Squad]