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eBay to layoff 10 percent of workforce


eBay has announced that it will be laying off 10% of their workforce and that while they do expect to hit their third quarter forecast it will be at the low end.

The cutbacks means about 1,000 employees and several hundred temporary workers will be out of a job.

[Via Reuters]


HP laying off 24,600


In May HP acquired Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and as a result the company says that it will be laying off 24,600 people over a three year period, or roughly 7.5% of the combined HP and EDS workforce.

It’s not clear whether the bulk of the layoffs will come from the HP or EDS side. Regardless, HP chief Mark Hurd says that “having the most efficient cost structure is directly related to your ability to scale and grow.”

By “scale and grow” I guess means scale and down and grow smaller.

[Via Computerworld]

Layoffs coming to AOL datacenters?


According to a tipster for Valleywag, on August 20th big layoffs are coming to AOL’s technology operations.

If the information is correct, AOL will be “selling their MTC & DTC data centers and will be contracting all of the services out to Emcor. There are way too many managers and a lot of them are expected to get laid off. After attending meetings it appears that upper management has finally realized they are way too many managers in technologies and that it would be better to contract central config, asset management, IPE’s and SI. Operations is going to take a big hit.”

MTC and DTC are datacenters in Manassas, Virginia, not far from the Dulles Airport and AOL’s former headquarters.

Looks like we’ll find out in just a few more days if this was true or not…

[Via Valleywag]

Layoffs hit Midway Games


After reporting a net loss of $38.4 million in their second quarter, video game developer and publisher Midway Games has announced that it is laying off 90 of 130 people from their Austin location in a plan to “allow Midway to maximize its development resources and apply manpower and capital to projects with the highest chances of success.”

The number represents about 10% of the companies global workforce and are expected to be completed by the end of the month. 80 will be full-time employees and the other 10 will be contractors.

Interim CEO and president of MIdway, Matt Booty, says “while this was a very difficult decision, we feel it was the right thing to do for the future of Midway…we vie eery game as an investment that must meet certain standards for quality, scheduling, and profitability.”

[Via Kotaku]

Layoffs hit Bell Canada


Bell Canada, Canada’s largest telecommunications company, has announced that they will be laying off 2,500 managers, roughly 15 percent of them, to streamline the company a bit and reduce the management hierarchy from 11 layers to no more than 8.

These cuts, combined with some earlier executive-level job cuts, will save the company around $300 million a year but the cuts aren’t quite done yet. As the companies streamline continues another 500 to 1,000 workers may be laid off.

[Via Electronista]

Layoffs hit Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericsson has reported an operating loss of $3.1 million in the second quarter, a huge change from Q2 last year where the company posted a profit of $500 million.

As a result, the company has announced that it will be reducing it’s workforce by roughly 2,000 people worldwide over the coming year to try and turn things around.

The slowing economy combined with strong offerings from RIM and Apple aren’t helping much.

Sony Ericsson chief Dick Komiyama says “our target is to achieve a reduction in operating expenses of 300m euros annually, with the full effect expected to appear within a year…the meausures we are taking are aimed at becoming a faster, more agile and more cost efficient organization that can continue to create innovative products that excite customers.”

[Via CrunchGear]

Layoffs hit video game developer Flagship Studios? [UPDATED]


Video game developer Flagship Studios, creators of the game Hellgate: London, has apparently been hit by a big layoff.

The company hasn’t released any official statements yet but according to someone allegedly close to the situation “nearly everyone” has been laid off.

The company was founded by former Blizzard North employees including Bill Roper, Max Schaefer and Eric Schaefer, original developers on the Blizzard game Diablo.

Hopefully we’ll hear something official soon.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s true. Employees were told in a company meeting that the offices would be closed Sunday. All staff has been let go and three of the companies top execs are paying employees for an additional 30-days out of their own pockets.

What about the games the studio was working on?

Korean company HanbitSoft has rights to the Mythos IP and Hellgate: London IP goes to Comerica.

Thanks VE3D for the additional info.

[Via Joystiq]

Layoffs hit Motorola Labs


Effective July 1st, Motorola Labs is laying off 120 of their 600 employees and reassigning another 180 to individual business units. The remaining 300 will become a new, smaller unit called “Applied Research & Technology Center”.

No comments from Motorola about the move but they did confirm a reorganization.

In a statement, the company said, “this direct alignment will help R&D teams work with their business partners to optimize R&D investment and focus on projects that deliver the greatest value for Motorola.”

[Via Engadget]

Is Google screwing DoubleClick employees?

According to a story at Valleywag, a former DoubleClick employee approached Valleywag with a story that doesn’t exactly fit with Google’s “Do No Evil” motto.

According to the unnamed person, Google managers asked DoubleClick employees to sign one-year noncompete agreements. Most agreed, assuming it would spare their jobs.

Then, a week later, the layoffs began and now some of these people that had signed the agreement are out of work and unable to work in their field.

Were the employees foolish to sign such an agreement knowing that there would be some job redundancies and inevitable layoffs? Yeah, maybe. But either way, if this is true it sounds to me like the employees got a little screwed and screwing your employees fits what I would consider “evil”.

[Via Valleywag]

AMD cuts revenue estimates, laying off 10% of workforce


Chipmaker AMD today announced that it was forced to lower its Q1 performance forecast from $1.6 billion to $1.5 billion and will be laying off 10% of its workforce by the end of Q3.

Their new Q1 forecast of $1.5 billion is 22% above the same time last year, but 22% behind Q4 of 2007.

AMD blames “lower than expected sales across all market segments,” but they may have a stronger second quarter if their new triple-core microprocessors and 780G chipset are hits.

[Via Ars Technica]