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Halo 4 coming to next gen Xbox as launch title, being developed by Gearbox?


According to a new Halo rumor, game development studio Gearbox Software is said to be preparing to work on a new title believed to be Halo 4, also believed to be planned as a launch title for the next Xbox console.

While nothing official is being said right now, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford has posted a job listing for a senior artist and has said “I’ve started a new project. It’s big. It’s, like, look-at-our-line-up-and-imagine-something-even-bigger kind of big. I’m directing it myself. I can’t mention it publicly yet. When you find out what this is, you’ll likely agree that I can’t oversell this one.”

We’re likely quite a ways off from hearing anything about this or the next Xbox.

[Via Kotaku]