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Easily install Android on Nokia N810 thanks to Android Installer


If you’ve got a Nokia N810 Internet tablet and are anxious to play around with Google Android but holding out for an easy way to get it setup, check out the new Android Installer.

With just a few clicks you’ll have your very own copy of Android running (if all goes well) without first needing to know a bit about Linux.

Once installed you’ll be able to launch Android from within the N810’s Extras menu.

For more info check out the installation instructions here.

[Via Engadget]


Nokia announces N810 WiMAX Edition tablet

nokia_n810_wimax_editionNokia today announced a new addition to their N-series of Internet tablets, the N810 WiMAX Edition.

The N810 WiMAX Edition adds just what you think it would–support for high-speed Internet access on the go with WiMAX (previous editions in the N-series of Internet tablets have bee limited to Wi-Fi for high-speed access).

According to Nokia, the N810 will be able to seamlessly switch from WiMAX to Wi-Fi and back again depending on which is available.

Other than the addition of WiMAX support, not much is new about the N810 WiMAX Edition.

No word on pricing yet but it should be available before the end of June of this year.

[Via Gizmodo]