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Microsoft begins updating Hotmail interface


Microsoft has begun the process of updating Hotmail’s user interface with some users already onboard with the new design.

Aside from the new look which includes both a full and a classic interface, the contacts feature has been updated and there is now integration with Live’s Calendar beta.

If you have a Hotmail account and still the old interface, some users would consider you lucky with some finding the new interface more difficult to use. Of course, it could also just be that some users are having trouble with the change.

For more info about what’s new check out this page.

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Windows Live services coming to BlackBerry’s later this year

BlackBerry users will soon have easy access to Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, courtesy of a new collaboration announced by RIM and Microsoft.

Mark Guibert, vice president of corporate marketing at RIM, said “the BlackBerry platform is respected around the world for providing optimized messaging capabilities and RIM continues to look for ways to provide customers with a wide range of communications options and the best possible mobile experience”

“Our relationship with Microsoft and the addition of Windows Live services to BlackBerry smartphones helps us build on that strategy for our customers.”

Windows Live Hotmail for BlackBerry will allow customers to:

  • Use BlackBerry ‘push’ technology for automatic message delivery and message synchronization so the customers’ online account is up-to-date with actions taken on their BlackBerry smartphone
  • Use a dedicated inbox for Windows Live Hotmail messages, which are automatically delivered to the smartphone. Customers can also choose to receive their Windows Live Hotmail messages, along with messages from other e-mail accounts, within a single inbox on their BlackBerry smartphone
  • Display HTML e-mail with the ability to view graphics, Web links, and contact photos in emails

Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry will allow customers to:

  • Send instant messages and join group chats
  • Set status and see the presence of friends and colleagues within Windows Live Messenger or their contact cards
  • Customize status messages
  • Save conversations
  • Showcase their Display Picture (Avatar)
  • Send and receive pictures and files
  • Use more than 60 emoticons

Look for these new services to be available sometime this summery.

Check out the full press release here if you’re interested.

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Microsoft turning off Hotmail support for Outlook Express

windows_live_mailMicrosoft has announced that on June 30th they will be switching off Hotmail support for Outlook Express because of the outdated protocol that is used for the connection called DAV.

Users that count on being able to do this won’t be completely out in the cold–they’ll just need to download and use Windows Live Mail instead.

In addition to supporting the DeltaSynch protocol (the new one used by Hotmail) it also supports POP3 and IMAP so you can use it to connect to other email account just as you can with Outlook Express.

According to Microsoft the reason for the protocol switch is because DeltaSynch does a better job with larger email inboxes because of its ability to grab just new message headers, unlike DAV which grabs them all.

For more info about Windows Live Mail and to download it check out the product page here.

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