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XNA community games only avaiable until midnight tonight


If you’ve been interested in checking out some community developed games on your Xbox 360 but have been putting it off, you’re going to want to get on that.

The ability to download and run these games is considered in beta right now and after midnight tonight they will no longer be available for download. Once you have the games, they will expire at midnight on March 9th.

To install the games, first you have to install the “XNA Creators Club Game Launcher:

  • Go to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  • Select “Game Store”.
  • Select “All Games”.
  • Scroll down to “XNA Creators Club”.
  • Select “XNA Creators Club Game Launcher”.

Once the XNA Creators Club Game Launcher is installed you should see an “XNA Creators Club” menu. Select it and press Y to download games.

What’s XNA?

XNA (not an acronym) is a framework and set of tools first announced by Microsoft at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) on March 24, 2004, to simplify the creation of arcade-style video games for the Xbox 360 and soon the Zune MP3 player as well.

For more information about XNA, check out Wikipedia or the MSDN XNA Developer Center.

[Via Kotaku]


Sony introduces PhyreEngine, free cross-platform graphics engine


Sony game consoles have long had the reputation of being difficult to develop for. To help combat this Sony has introduced a new free, cross-platform graphics engine called PhyreEngine.

PhyreEngine supports both OpenGL and Direct3D and comes with:

  • Run time
  • Art pipeline & tools
  • 70+ samples and full documentation
  • Example game templates – full source code and artwork

Develop a game using a PC and a “simple recompile” is allegedly all that is needed to get the game running on a PS3.

The games flOw, GripShift and DiRT were revealed to have all used the PhyreEngine for development.

More info will hopefully be released later today…

[Via Joystiq]

Ninja Gaiden 2 officially announced


Today at GDC the next Ninja Gaiden game was officially announced during the Microsoft keynote.

Ninja Gaiden II will ship worldwide this June as an Xbox 360 exclusive, and be hitting retail in the US on June 3rd.

The game will include a new feature where you will be able to record a highlight reel onto your Xbox 360 hard drive and upload them later for your friends to watch.

Check out the video here.

[Via Kotaku]

Gears of War 2 officially announced


The first Gears of War for the Xbox 360 rocked. It also had some really frustrating moments, but it rocked way more than it sucked.

You knew there would be a Gears of War 2, but until today it wasn’t official.

At the end of Microsoft’s keynote today at GDC they dropped the Gears of War 2 bomb and showed a teaser video that revealed very little but was still pretty cool to watch if for nothing else to see the chainsaw bayonet in action.

Very little is known about the game right now, but Cliffy B did take the stage as the teaser video finished to say that the game would be an Xbox 360 exclusive and would be shipping this November!

Hopefully the game won’t hit any delays–I know I’m looking forward to playing it this holiday season.

BTW–that’s the temporary box art so expect it to change before the game hits retail.

[Via Joystiq]

More info about games on the Zune


Engadget was able to get a bit more info about games on the Zune which Microsoft announced today at GDC.

  • First-generation Zune’s won’t necessarily be ruled out from being able to play games, it just depends on the game and what sort of control scheme the developer came up with.
  • The system partition is only 16MB which is where the games would be stored. This *may* change, however.
  • The only tools for developing a Zune game will be the XNA Studio; no professional-grade SDK.
  • Means of distribution has not yet been finalized.
  • Beta versions of the development tools will be available this Spring.
  • No plans yet for sharing games with other Zunes the way songs can be shared. Wireless multiplayer gaming would require that each Zune have their own copy of the game installed.

More info should be out this Spring.

[Via Engadget]

Microsoft announces games coming to Zune via XNA Studio


During Microsoft’s keynote at the Game Developers Conference they announced that second generation Zune’s will soon be able to play games, including taking advantage of the devices built-in wireless radio for wireless multiplayer gaming.

Not much info is known at this point other than the fact that games will be developed using Microsoft’s XNA Studio and that games will only work on second generation Zune’s because they will take advantage of their touchpad controls.

[Via Engadget]

Microsoft demos RRoD at GDC…oops

rrod_gdcWith the Game Developers Conference underway in San Francisco, what’s one of the funnier things that could happen to Microsoft at the expo?

If you said to have one of their demo units get the infamous Red Ring of Death (RRoD), you’d be right and they did.

At their own booth one of the demo machines has died with just that problem and BBC News has posted a video which you can check out here if you’re interested.


[Via Engadget]