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Fonix Speech bringing voice dialing to iPhone 3G via iSpeak

It looks like at least one iPhone developer will be offering a solution for the iPhone 3G’s lack of support for voice dialing.

Fonix Speech will be releasing a product called iSpeak, presumably through the App Store, that will allow you to execute various functions on your iPhone 3G (sorry, looks like the first generation iPhone will not be supported) by using your voice.

What kinds of functions? Looks like these will be supported:

  • Dial a phone number or a name in your contact list
  • Browse your music library
  • Begin playing a song or playlist

According to Fonix Speech, iSpeak “includes a run-time engine that sits on the phone allowing users to interact with the personal contents of their Apple iPhoneâ„¢. Unlike other voice applets that enable voice search of the Internet by sending commands over the airwaves, this client-side application gives users the power of voice interaction with their personal content and eliminates network latency.”

No word on pricing or a release date but let’s hope for cheap and soon, and that it works as advertised.

For more info check out the press release here.

[Via TUAW]