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Facebook disables Scrabulous


At the request of Hasbro, “copyright and trademark holder for Scrabble”, Facebook has disabled access to the Scrabulous game for US and Canadian users because of the lawsuit by Hasbro against the creators of the game.

In case you’re not familiar with Scrabulous, it’s a very Scrabble-like game that users of Facebook would be able to play with one another. In it’s place, Hasbro and Electronic Arts would like you to use their official Scrabble game for Facebook (big surprise).

Why is it just disabled in the US and Canada? Because outside of those territories Hasbro doesn’t own the rights to Scrabble–Mattel does.

If you’re desperate to play Scrabulous you still can, just not on Facebook. The game is still online at the official site for the game, Scrabulous.com.

[Via CNET News]


Hasbro sues Scrabulous creaters


Many Facebook users enjoy playing a game called Scrabulous, an online version of the popular word game Scrabble, but that might be changing soon if Hasbro gets their way.

Hasbro, owners of the rights to the original Scrabble game, have sued the makers of Scrabulous saying that it violates their copyright and trademarks on Scrabble. Hasbro wants Facebook to block the game and also wants unspecified damages from the two brothers that created Scrabulous, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla and their software company RJ Software.

This is a good time to also mention that Hasbro and EA released their own official Scrabble game on Facebook two weeks ago.

One of the brothers said that he was looking forward to competing with Electronic Arts for the “attention and patronage of a large and dedicated user base.”

Good luck.

[Via Ars Technica]

Microsoft to offer seach technology on Facebook

On Thursday at their annual meeting for financial analysts Microsoft announced a new deal with Facebook to provide their roughly 90 million members with search services from within Facebook.

Microsoft, already the owner of 1.6 percent of Facebook’s shares, also has an exclusive deal to provide banner ads to the site.

I’m not really clear on details at the moment, but I’d imagine we’ll hear more about it when the new feature goes live this fall.

I hear good things about Microsoft’s search technology…though so far I haven’t been able to bring myself to use it.

[Via Electronista]

Facebook to remove 5,000 friends limit

Most Facebook’s nearly 70 million users worldwide will never, ever hit the cap of 5,000 friends that Facebook currently imposes, but for those that do it can be a real pain (no, I’m not one of them).

To help those that are running into the cap Facebook will apparently soon be lifting this limit but no word yet on whether there will just be another, higher cap or if there will be no cap at all.

The reason for the cap in the first place is believed to be because of scaling problems, though that was never officially stated.

[Via TechCrunch]

Microsoft considering buying Facebook?

facebook_money_hatWhile Microsoft is already an investor in Facebook (to the tune of $240 million), a new rumor making the rounds is that Microsoft is considering buying the social networking site outright.

According to journalist Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, Microsoft is sending “subtle signals” to Facebook via bankers to see if the company might be interested in being acquired.

If this were to happen, I wonder if Facebook might take a nosedive in popularity simply because it would be owned by Microsoft? Or maybe the opposite would happen, and it would join the Zune Social and actually increase the number of people using Facebook?

Could be interesting.

[Via Electronista]

Facebook Chat IM officially launced


Facebook announced in their blog that their new instant messaging application, Facebook Chat, is out of beta and has been officially launched.

Deployment will be slow, so if you don’t see the new Chat bar at the bottom of your Facebook page yet don’t take it personal–its coming.

The Wall and Inbox features aren’t going away. Chat is simply another way to communicate with your friends “when more immediacy is necessary.”

For more details check out this Facebook blog post.

[Via CrunchGear]

Facebook to launch their own IM service

Facebook has been testing out their own instant messaging service and it looks like its just about ready for the public.

Its believed that it will be built on Jabber, the open source IM platform (and the same one that Google Talk uses).

It could be launching as soon as next week, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested.

[Via TechCrunch]