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FCC officially announces national SMS alert system

fcc_logo The text message alert system that was mentioned yesterday as a rumor is left rumorville as the FCC has now officially announced the plan.

The plan, most likely to be adopted by all four national carriers, will allow the FCC to send text messages that will be limited to three categories:

  • Disasters
  • Ongoing threats (like hurricanes or earthquakes)
  • Child abductions or amber alerts

Individuals will be able to opt out of the system even if their carrier adopts the plan.

Carriers will be required to provide a distinct vibration and audio alert for notifications from this system.

[Via Engadget]


FCC preparing nationwide text message alert system?


According to both USA Today and CNN, the FCC is working on a new nationwide text message alert system and is expected to make an announcement shortly.

It’s believed that the alerts will initially be limited to 90 words or less and be in English only and will warn people about things like terror attacks, major weather developments and Amber alerts.

Participation in the program is expected to be voluntary on the part of wireless carriers.

[Via Gizmodo]