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Life Machines concepts entertain/frighten

life_concepts_shaving_machineWhen computers finally overthrow us (probably thanks to some Google idea gone horribly wrong), they’ll need some robot enforcers. A good place to start might be with the PostlerFurguson “Life Machines”.

UK-based designer PostlerFurguson is trying to work out how “an aging population’s needs can be met through technology.”

To help illustrate some ideas, they’ve created and photographed several concepts to (I assume) get us thinking about them.

The picture you see here of the clothes dryer exhaust tubing (or robot of the “future” from the 1950’s) shaving to man is one of them–that’s the machine shaving concept.

A couple more of my favorites are the machine breakfast, and the machine ear cleaning concepts.

Check of the rest here.

[Via Gizmodo]