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New 60GB Xbox 360 should run cooler

At E3 this year Microsoft announced a new 60GB version of their Xbox 360 console.

Benheck managed to grab one and tear it apart to see what’s new and it looks like Microsoft has removed the bottom memory chips which should help prevent the overheating problem some owners of the previous models have had which resulted in the infamous red ring of death.

To see more pics from inside the new 60GB model check them out here.

[Via CrunchGear]


Updated 60GB Xbox 360 now availalbe from Amazon

The updated Microsoft Xbox 360 console announced before E3 with the 60GB hard drive has been sneaking out at a few retailers and now Amazon has joined the party and also has it for sale now.

$349.99 will get you a shiny new…well, matte white, actually…Xbox 360 console with a 60GB hard drive and one wireless controller.

Just checked and Amazon still shows that it’s in stock so check it out here if you’re interested.

[Via Engadget]

Wii developers caught off guard by MotionPlus announcement

When Nintendo announced the MotionPlus accessory that will plug into the end of a Wii Remote and give 1:1 movement between the gamer and their in-game Mii character, you would think that everyone was happy with the news but for some there were mixed emotions.

Unfortunately, third party developers were a bit less than thrilled, instead having a “general feeling… of annoyance and betrayal”. Believe it or not, third party developers found out about the accessory the same time the rest of us did–during Nintendo’s press event.

For a lot of games already deep in development it’s simply too late to add support now for the device, as it could take some six to nine months to incorporate the new functionality.

The upcoming first party title Wii Sports Resort won’t be out until Spring of 2009 and it will be the first game to support the MotionPlus. Because that is still a ways off, some other games that are not so far along may still be able to add support for the device.


[Via Joystiq]

E3 not dead, returning next year


Ahhh, the E3 show. Each year since 1995 the video game industry has been holding the E3 Expo to show off new and upcoming video game hardware, accessories, and titles to the media and other developers (and anyone else able to get their hands on a pass).

Short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 was renamed to E3 Media and Business Summit in 2007 and downsized. A lot. No more booth babes and giant, flashy, tacky, loud and/or obnoxious 1,000 square foot + booths, live music, etc., and the crowds went from more than 60,000 to around 5,000.

The new E3 was smaller and, by many accounts, pretty lousy.

But if you thought E3 was dead, looks like you’ll have to wait another year. The group that organizes the show, The Electronic Software Association, has announced that they are “beginning the process of surveying exhibitors and attendees to determine potential changes to the Summit…Once this is completed and shared with the ESA’s Board of Directors, we will make an announcement about the specifics of the 2009 E3 Media & Business Summit, which will occur.”

I’m so glad I got to check out the original E3 in all it’s tacky glory before it shrunk.

[Via Joystiq]

Video of upcoming Netflix on Xbox 360 in action


At E3 Microsoft announced during their press conference that later this year Netflix stream video would officially be integrating with the Xbox 360, giving gold members access to Netflix’s entire library of downloadable television shows and movies.

Curious to see it in action?

Major Nelson has posted a video showing off how it will work. Check it out in person at Kotaku here.

[Via Kotaku]

PAL territories getting new 80GB PS3 August 27


At Sony’s E3 press conference the company revealed that a new 80GB version called the Core Pack will be released later this year in the US at the same price point as the current 40GB version–$399 US.

That’s fine but what about the rest of the world?

SCEE chief David Reeves said that the new 80GB PS3 would be released “across all PAL territories” on August 27th and will be priced at £299/€400 and will replace the current 40GB model.

[Via Kotaku]

Sony announces God of War 3 for PS3

The E3 news keeps on rolling as Sony today announced the third installment of its God of War games: God of War 3.

God of War 3 will be released for the PlayStation 3 but unfortunately it won’t make it for a holiday season release–look for it sometime next year.

Check out the teaser video from the Sony press conference here if you’re interested:

[Via Joystiq]

Nintendo announces plans for new music game for Wii


Nintendo announced that it will be releasing a new music game called “Wii Music” for it’s Wii console later this year.

Up to four players will be able to “jam”, playing instruments like the violin, drums and guitar. In all, more than 60 different musical instruments will be available to choose from.

No release date or price were mentioned yet, but since it looks like it will use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers and not special controllers like Guitar Hero or Rock Band require, I’d expect to see it priced below $60 and hopefully in stores by this holiday season.

[Via Reuters]

Sony announces Greatest Hits program for PS3 games


Sony today announced a version of its Greatest Hits program for the US which would offer some of the top selling games for the PlayStation 3 at a new, lower price.

Under this program, this titles will sell for the new price of $29.99:

  • Motorstorm
  • Resistance
  • Warhawk
  • Call of Duty 3
  • Fight Night
  • Need for Speed: Carbon
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Rainbow Six Vegas
  • Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls
  • Ninja Gaiden

No word yet on when the new pricing and Greatest Hits packaging will be seen, but I’d bet on soon.

[Via Joystiq]

Sony announces 80GB “Core Pack” PS3 for $399

At E3 today Sony announced that it would begin shipping a new PlayStation 3 SKU called the “Core Pack” in September that will feature an 80GB hard drive and sell for $399.

That would make it the same price as the 40GB version is now. No mention of a price cut for the 40GB version so it looks like Sony will most likely just be replacing the 40GB version with this one.

[Via Reuters]