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Backup your Windows drivers with DriverMax


Having recently reinstalled Windows on a couple of different PC’s I can tell you first hand it can be a pain getting your hands on the right driver for your sound card, video card, network card, etc., not to mention all the rebooting you’ll be doing while installing them.

To save yourself some trouble after you’ve formatted your drive and it’s too late to see what drivers you’ll need, check out a program called DriverMax which can take care of everything for you.

Using DriverMax you’ll be able to easily export a copy of the various drivers your Windows PC is using (to a drive you’re not formatting, of course), then once you’ve formatted things and need your drivers again, install DriverMax and import your drivers back into your computer and you’ll make sure you have the same drivers you started out with. Plus, you’ll just need one reboot for all drivers that are imported instead potentially needing a different reboot for each driver you install.

I haven’t used this program first hand so I can’t say from experience how good/bad it is, but next time I reinstall Windows I’ll definitely check it out.

This free program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 2003 (server). For more info check out the product page here.

[Via Download Squad]