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Yahoo director of developer network leaving, going to The Guardian

In a bit of a surprising move, Matt McAlister, director of Yahoo’s developer network, is leaving Yahoo and heading to The Guardian to take over their new technology director role.

Yes, the London-based newspaper.

Its not completely clear what The Guardian’s plans for the future are, but at least they seem to have a plan unlike a lot of other more traditional media outlets.

[Via TechCrunch]


Apple releases iPhone SDK beta 2

Apple today has released an updated version of their iPhone SDK, bringing it to beta 2.

Aside from some bug fixes, the only major change over the previous release is the inclusion of the Interface Builder for creating user interfaces.

If you’re interested you can grab it here.

[Via Macworld]

Microsoft considering iPhone app development

According to a story in Fortune, Microsoft is apparently considering application development for the iPhone.

Tom Gibbons, corporate VP of the Specialized Devices and Applications Group (the same group that develops MS Office for the Mac platform), “it’s really important for us to undertsand what we can bring to the iPhone.”

“To the extent that Mac Office customers have functionality that they need in that environment, we’re actually in the process of trying to understand that now.”

This certainly would be interesting…native copies of Office applications on the iPhone would be appealing to many people.

[Via iPodNN]

Silverlight coming to Nokia phones, tablets

Another score for Microsoft’s Silverlight. After hooking the Library of Congress, Microsoft has now found another ally for its Silverlight platform in Nokia who today announced that they would begin including the Silverlight plugin on all of its handsets and tablets.

The first Nokia devices to see Silverlight support will likely be their Series 60 devices. The developer tools are expected to be released later this year, so don’t hold your breath–its going to be a while.

[Via Electronista]

iPhone SDK rumors: no access to dock connector, apps distributed using iTunes [UPDATED]

Not a whole lot is known about the iPhone SDK, but if what iLounge is reporting is true feelings among developers will likely be mixed.

According to “several sources familiar with Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch software development kit (SDK) plans,” here’s the scoop:

Apps will be distributed via the iTunes Store. No surprise here. Everthing iPhone and iPod related comes through iTunes, so this was the distribution model everyone pretty much expected.

Apple will have the authority to approve or deny all SDK-based software. Apple will act as the gatekeeper for all apps developed for the iPhone or iPod Touch, only publishing those that it approves. Again, not a big surprise here.

No access to dock connector. This one is too bad if its true. Lots of other devices have the option to physically connect accessories such as external keyboards, GPS receivers, etc., to them. To limit the iPhone and iPod Touch in this area would be unfortunate….but very Apple-like.

UPDATE: Electronista is reporting that free iPhone apps might not be governed by the same rules as paid apps, so Apple might not be so quick to turn away apps if they’re freeware.  Good news which should encourage a lot more developers to have a go at creating iPhone apps.

UPDATE 2: Lots of info about the SDK came out yesterday at Apple’s iPhone SDK event–check out the details here.

[Via Gizmodo]

Apple schedules event March 6, "iPhone software roadmap"

iphone_software_roadmapApple has just announced that they will be hosting a Town Hall event on March 6th beginning at 10am to discuss the “iPhone software roadmap.”

Enterprise and SDK are mentioned in their teaser image for the event…hopefully its not just to talk about the SDK but to actually release it and show off what developers will be able to do with…

[Via Engadget]

6 Adobe AIR apps worth checking out

adobe_airNow that Adobe has released the final version of AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), what are developers going to do with it?

Lots of people (myself included) have been playing with AIR for months now and a few apps have already hit the web. ReadWriteWeb put together a list of six apps worth checking out to give you a taste of what AIR can do:


twhirlTwhirl is a Twitter client that runs from your desktop and allows you to do the obvious thing, follow tweets, but also lets you connect to multiple Twitter accounts, search users, search timelines, follow and unfollow users, and post tweets. One of the best Twitter and AIR apps out there right now. Grab it here.

Google Analytics

google_analyticsIf you run a website, you want to keep track of traffic and visitor stats. If you use Google Analytics, check out the Google Analytics AIR app. All of your visitor, traffic and content reports are available from your desktop and they can even be exported to PDF, Excel, or XML formats. Grab it here.


richflvEdit your FLV (Flash Video) files with Adobe Flash. RichFLV can read, edit, modify or delete cuepoints, cut FLV files, convert FLV to SWF files, and even convert sound to an MP3 file. Grab it here.


agileagenda_001A project scheduling utility that lets you do all the things you’d expect to be able to do in a project management app. Enter info about tasks, move them around, assign them to people, change their priority and duration, etc. It also has a GANTT view. Data can be stored either locally or on AgileAgenda’s web server, and the app supports data sharing via XML or PDF exports. Grab it here.

AOL Top 100 Videos

top100widgetYou may not know this, but AOL has its own video site. Check out videos from various genres like “Rock & Alternative”, “Hip Hop”, “Pop”, etc. using their AIR app. You can bookmark your favorite videos and play them in a window, full screen, or in a sidebr-like Docked View. Grab it here.

Xdrive Lite

xdrive_logoIf you’re an Xdrive user, you might want to check out Xdrive Lite, their desktop-based AIR app for managing files on your Xdrive account. Grab it here.


[Via ReadWriteWeb]