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Windows Mobile 7 delayed until 2009


Microsoft has quietly revealed that their upcoming mobile operation system, Windows Mobile 7, has been delayed until the second half of 2009.

No comment from Microsoft on the move, but with the iPhone and Android operating systems getting all the attention right now and Palm’s next major OS release coming (one day) hopefully the extra time means it will be extra polished.

[Via BGR]


Next Palm OS slips (again)

Palm has been working on their next major OS release dubbed OS II or Nova for a while now. The Linux-based operating system was initially expected to be released in 2007 as announced by the company in May of 2007.

Then in July 2007 Palm said that it wouldn’t be available until sometime in 2008, which in October 2007 that was pushed to the end of 2008.

Looks like it has slipped again and now Palm is planning on completing development on OS II by the end of calendar year 2008 and wouldn’t be available until sometime in the first half of 2009.

For Palm’s sake I hope the new OS is revolutionary.

[Via Register]

BlackBerry Bold on AT&T delayed until October?

According to a BGR tipster, the BlackBerry Bold, won’t be hitting AT&T until October 2nd, nearly five months after when it was initially expected.

The Bold is already available in Canada and Europe, so what’s the reason for the delay in the US? Not sure.

Maybe AT&T is worried about adding another hot 3G handset that will use a lot of bandwidth until some issue with their network are addressed?

Of course, this tip could be all wrong and A&T may still be releasing the bold in early September as some other report said. We’ll see, I guess…

[Via Electronista]

Sprint delays their WiMAX service


Sprint’s upcoming XOHM WiMAX service, currently in operation in the Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. areas, will be delayed for the rest of the country by a couple of extra months.

According to Sprint Nextel spokesperson Jeff Chaltas, the delay is so that they can improve the backhaul side of the network, giving the network more bandwidth to handle the high amount of traffic that is expected.

“You need a lot of backhaul capacity to do what’s required for WiMAX.”

Another side benefit of the delay is that more devices that can take advantage of WiMAX should be available “making for a better experience and a wider range of devices for our XOHM customers.”

[Via CrunchGear]

iPhone SDK to be released up to 3 weeks late?

No official word from Apple on this, but according to BusinessWeek a source is telling them that it is running from 1 to 3 weeks late.

The SDK is expected to be released before the end of this month, so we’ll know whether this is true or not very soon…

[Via Engadget]