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Rock Band 2 hardware delayed, title still Xbox 360 exclusive…sorta…

The highly anticipated title Rock Band 2 by Harmonix is still scheduled to launch as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 14th, but bad news if you were hoping to get your hands on the new instrument controls that same day.

The Rock Band 2 bundle that includes the game and the the controllers has been delayed a month, meaning it will launch on other platforms at the same time–October 19th.

So what exactly is launching as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 14th, then? Just the game disc.j

Hope Microsoft didn’t pay too much for this “exclusive.”

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Prince of Persia movie delayed


Apparently the video game-based movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, originally expected to be released on June 19, 2009, has been delayed until May 28, 2010.

It’s not exactly clear why its been delayed, but it does seem to still have Jerry Bruckheimer producing it, Mike Newell directing it and Jake Gyllenhaal starring in it so it doesn’t seem to be some Hollywood scandal. Maybe Walt Disney Pictures just didn’t want it to compete with the next Transfermers movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, scheduled to be released June 26, 2009?

[Via Kotaku]

MSI Wind delayed again

If you’re waiting for the upcoming MSI Wind looks like you’ll be waiting a bit longer still–it’s been delayed again.

The problem? Battery shortages.

According to MSI, they “went from 6 to 3-cells in hopes of getting to market faster, but the batteries have become a bottleneck.”

The new ship date is expected to be July 7th…keep your fingers crossed…

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BlackBerry Bold delayed for US? [UPDATED]

According to a new rumor about the upcoming RIM BlackBerry Bold smartphone, its launch has been pushed back until sometime in August because of a software bug.

According to the rumor, there is a software bug that is causing overheating and poor battery life. So much so that AT&T won’t certify it yet.

According to BGR it is still coming to Canada’s Rogers, though, so if you’re desperate to be the first person in your office to have one looks like you’ll have to head to Canada.

UPDATE: RIM has responded to the rumor and said that it is NOT delayed and is on track for an August release, also pointing out that they never said it would be out in July. Check out the details in this post.

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No Android phones until 2009?

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, Sprint and China Mobile are each experiencing delays with their Android-based handsets and don’t expect them to launch until 2009.

T-Mobile, another carrier working on an Android-based phone, says that their device is still on track for a 2008 launch but if the others are delayed there’s a decent chance that theirs will miss launching in 2008 as well.

The reasons for the delays at Sprint seem to be that they want to ship their device with some of their own applications pre-installed instead of just using Google’s default system. Sprint may also be skipping 3G and jumping right to 4G (WiMAX) support, but that’s not official yet.

Over at China Mobile the delays seem to be wanting to install their own pre-installed applications as well as some difficulty with translating Android’s interface into Mandarin.

No word yet from Google on these rumored delays.

I wouldn’t say that Android is DOA, but these delays are pretty disappointing if they prove true. I’m sure we’ll see Android-based devices actually ship by mid 2009 (hopefully earlier), but with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Bold and touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder how relevant will Android-based devices be?

Google doesn’t like to lose, but neither does Apple and RIM. I could see Android as more of a threat to Windows Mobile-based devices than to those by either Apple or RIM.

[Via Electronista]

Delay hits MSI Wind, not shipping until June 27th

The MSI Wind was supposed to be shipping today but looks like MSI has hit a little snag and the Intel Atom-based UMPC now won’t be shipping until June 27th.

No word on exactly what the reason for the delay is but hopefully this ship date isn’t missed too…

[Via Engadget]

Intel confirms Centrino 2 delayed

intel_centrino_2 If you’ve been holding off buying a new notebook until Intel releases its upcoming Centrino 2 (aka “Montevina”) platform you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Intel spokesman Bill Kircos said in an email to PC Magazine, “there were two minor issues we found during final testing – one with our integrated graphic chipsets, which we have found a workaround for but need to re-screen our parts, and second around our wireless wi-fi chip, which was a paperwork and certification mistake we made.”

“Both of these led us to establishing a launch date for our mobile processors and discrete chipsets of the week of July 14th, and taking a couple of weeks to get the right readiness and volume for the rest of our components…We’re looking at early August for that.”

In case you’re not familiar with Centrino 2, it’s the next generation of Intel’s Centrion platform that will include support for WiMAX and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

[Via PC Mag]