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eBay to layoff 10 percent of workforce


eBay has announced that it will be laying off 10% of their workforce and that while they do expect to hit their third quarter forecast it will be at the low end.

The cutbacks means about 1,000 employees and several hundred temporary workers will be out of a job.

[Via Reuters]


Nokia cutting prices across the board

With Motorola and Sony Ericsson having some financial trouble as of late, Nokia is looking to stay ahead of the and maybe even get few customers from RIM and Apple with an across the board price cut.

The biggest cuts will be on 5310 and 5610 music phones and the 8GB N8, but most other handsets will be cut by around 10%.

[Via Engadget]

Sony announces 80GB “Core Pack” PS3 for $399

At E3 today Sony announced that it would begin shipping a new PlayStation 3 SKU called the “Core Pack” in September that will feature an 80GB hard drive and sell for $399.

That would make it the same price as the 40GB version is now. No mention of a price cut for the 40GB version so it looks like Sony will most likely just be replacing the 40GB version with this one.

[Via Reuters]

Warner Bros. to lower price of Blu-ray discs

In what I’m sure is a move to help speed adoption of the HD disc format, Warner Bros. has announced that they will be dropping the price of its Blu-ray movies in September with some falling to as low as $11.

That’s not to say that the majority of them will be that cheap, but they should at be dropping at least a little bit.

They have not released a full list of titles and their new price but some of those falling to $11 will be:

  • The Shining
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • The Aviator
  • The Road Warrior
  • Enter the Dragon
  • The Fugitive
  • Swordfish

Look for more info closer to the time of the price drop.

[Via Gizmodo]

Xbox 360 price drop, new model officially announced

The evidence pointing to a price cut for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console was impossible to ignore and today Microsoft went ahead and made it official.

The current Xbox 360 Pro which comes with a 20GB hard drive will now sell for $299, down from $349. Additionally, a new Pro model was announced that will feature a 60GB hard drive and will take the $349 price point.

The new 60GB version will go on sale next month. For more info check out the press release here.

The drop to $299 makes the Xbox 360 cheaper than the Sony PlayStation 3 and just $50 more than the Nintendo Wii. No price drop is expected for either the PS3 or Wii.

[Via Reuters]

Sony says no to PS3 price cut

While the Xbox 360 is about to get a price cut (too much evidence now supporting it, even though Microsoft hasn’t yet made an official announcement), there has been some speculation that Sony will follow suit and announce their very own price cut for the PlayStation 3 console.

Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda has responded to the rumor and said that “our strategy is not to sell more quantity for PS3 but to concentrate on profitability…Our plan is not to reduce the price.”

That’s not to say a price cut won’t happen, just that their official position right now is that there will not be a price cut.

[Via Kotaku]

Australia, New Zealand get Xbox 360 price drop

While rumors of an Xbox 360 price drop in the US make their way around the Internet, a price drop has already hit Australia and New Zealand.

The price cuts are:

  • Arcade: down $50 to AU$349
  • Professional: down $180 to AU$499
  • Elite: down $80 to AU$649

Readers in those countries probably caught this already but for the rest of us it’s worth mentioning that the price drop on the Arcade puts its price below the price of the Nintendo Wii which currently sells for AU$400.

Microsoft’s Xbox Group Manager Jeremy Hinton is quick to point out that each region is free to set their own pricing, so a cut in one region doesn’t necessarily point to a price cut in another.

Still, though, I’m thinking we’ll likely see a price cut in the US on at least one of the three Xbox 360 SKUs by the time E3 opens on July 15th.

[Via Kotaku]

Xbox 360 getting price cut, 60GB hard drive?

With Sony’s PlayStation 3 console starting to build some sales momentum, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich says that “with E3 around the corner, we can expect Microsoft to make some type of announcement regarding a hardware price cut.”

If this does happen, Divnich expects to see Sony follow suit with their own price reduction within two months of an Xbox 360 price cut.

Another possible announcement at E3 for the Xbox 360 is the addition of a new SKU, bumping the hard drive capacity of the console from 20GB to 60GB for the standard console (the “Elite” version comes with a 120GB hard drive).

Look for these rumors to either be confirmed or shot down by the time E3 opens on July 15th.

[Via Engadget]

Reason for cut undersea cables found, yawned at

anchorApparently it really was much ado about nothing.

Those 5 undersea cables that were recently cut near the Middle East? The culprit has been found and its rather uneventful.

A 5.5 ton abandoned anchor owned by one of the companies that also owns the cables was responsible. Repairs are underway and should be finished by Sunday.

Damn you, conspiracy theorists, you almost had me this time.

[Via CrunchGear]