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Apple offers MobileMe subscribers a new 60-day extension

Apple today notified MobileMe subscribers via email of a new 60-day extension, adding to the the 30-day extension given in July.

What that means is that you’ll have 60-days of free MobileMe service tacked onto the end of your subscription period so you won’t have to renew until 60-says after you would have normally had to renew it.

The email acknowledges that there have been some issues but they are working to “turn this around”.

To be eligible for the credit you will have to have had an active MobileMe account as of August 19th and the credit also applies to customers using a free trial.

[Via TUAW and Mac Rumors]


Apple admits MobileMe launch issues, gives 30-day credit to subscribers

When Apple’s MobileMe service launched last week things didn’t exactly go as planned and the four hour maintenance window turned into 48-ish. Then, when it was finally stable, what was advertised as a “push” service had turned into a “near-instant” syncing of data, which translates into push from your iPhone but checking for updates every 15-minutes from your Mac or PC.


Apple says their sorry and is giving MobileMe subscribers a free 30-day extension to their account. If you check your account page and DON’T see the extension just yet, give it a couple weeks and it should be there.

If your service is about to expire, according to an Apple support page “your account will not expire until your 30-day extension has been applied and you have reached your new expiration date. If you recently received an email stating your account will expire soon (or you say a similar message when using MobileMe), please ignore it.”

For more info about the extension check out this page.

[Via Gizmodo]

Amazon offers credit to buyers of HD DVD player

Not wanting to be left out in the cold with the whole retailers feeling your pain thing, Amazon announced that they will be giving anyone who purchased an HD DVD player from them before February 23rd a $50 credit towards a future purchase.

To use the credit you’ll need to enter a special (and individual) promotional code at checkout and you’ll have until April 29, 2009, to use it.

I don’t have a link for more info, but if you qualify I’d imagine you’ll be receiving an email with more info and your promotional code.

[Via Electronista]