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Facebook disables Scrabulous


At the request of Hasbro, “copyright and trademark holder for Scrabble”, Facebook has disabled access to the Scrabulous game for US and Canadian users because of the lawsuit by Hasbro against the creators of the game.

In case you’re not familiar with Scrabulous, it’s a very Scrabble-like game that users of Facebook would be able to play with one another. In it’s place, Hasbro and Electronic Arts would like you to use their official Scrabble game for Facebook (big surprise).

Why is it just disabled in the US and Canada? Because outside of those territories Hasbro doesn’t own the rights to Scrabble–Mattel does.

If you’re desperate to play Scrabulous you still can, just not on Facebook. The game is still online at the official site for the game, Scrabulous.com.

[Via CNET News]