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MobileMe support issues

As Apple tries to regain their composure after the MobileMe launch debacle they’ve setup a special chat support service to help the 1% of MobileMe users who had email trouble (maybe more than 1% but that’s all Apple is admitting to).

Sounds good, right? It is…if it’s done correctly.

At least one user to attempted to get in touch with Apple support via this new chat service and was given this response almost immediately:

I’m sorry, according to our records, you were not one of the members affected by the email outage that began on July 18th. MobileMe Mail 24-hour chat support is a temporary measure designed specifically for users whose accounts were affected by that outage. For help, please visit http://www.apple.com/support/mobileme/ww for access to all of our support resources. I apologize for any inconvenience.

So according to Apple this user wasn’t affected, but they actually were, but since Apple doesn’t believe that they were they were bounced from the chat session.

If Apple’s records are wrong, that’s just one more thing that’s gone wrong for Apple lately. Sure, they’re increasing their market share and turned a huge profit so financially they’re doing very well, but combine this bad record keeping, the terrible MobileMe launch, the iTunes crash on iPhone 3G launch day, and the NDA that’s still in place for the iPhone SDK (for not good reason anyone can come up with) and you can’t help but wonder just what’s going on in Cupertino.

Steve’s been the one to run the show, calling all of the shots, and maybe his recent illness is forcing parts of the company to think for themselves, something they’re maybe not so used to?

Time will tell, I suppose.

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Microsoft updates Messenger for Mac to version 7

mac_microsoft_messengerUsers of Microsoft Messenger for Mac’s eager for an update can now get their fix–Microsoft has released version 7 of their instant messaging program.

The biggest addition in this version is support for full audio/video conferencing between Mac’s and PC’s.

That feature is apparently users with corporate accounts only so home users eager to test out the full audio/video conferencing with a friend on a PC will have to wait a bit longer for this to be added.

Grab yourself a free copy from the product page here if you’re interested.

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Facebook Chat IM officially launced


Facebook announced in their blog that their new instant messaging application, Facebook Chat, is out of beta and has been officially launched.

Deployment will be slow, so if you don’t see the new Chat bar at the bottom of your Facebook page yet don’t take it personal–its coming.

The Wall and Inbox features aren’t going away. Chat is simply another way to communicate with your friends “when more immediacy is necessary.”

For more details check out this Facebook blog post.

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PS3 getting in-game voice chat in firmware 2.4?

ps3_firmware_2_4While announcing that the 1 million unit mark in Playstation 3 sales has been reached in the UK (faster than for either the PSOne or PS2, believe it or not…at least in the UK), Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire also dropped a hint that in-game voice chat may be coming to the PS3:

“Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4 and the strongest line-up of games through our third party partners and our own studios. I’d personally like to thank our trade and business partners for helping us on the start of the PS3 journey.”

Hopefully its coming and soon, along with a fix to the 2GB cap for DivX files which I’ve recently found out about.

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Share Flickr pictures with your friends online using Photophlow


If you’ve ever wanted to share a bunch of photos in your Flickr account with friends and family that are not in the same physical location, maybe you’ve thought about doing it via IM.

If you have and it sucked, or just thinking about it now it sounds like it would suck, check out Photophlow.

Photophlow is an easy way to share photos online with everyone able to search, chat and comment together.

If you visit their website they have a video that walks you through how to use it. It’s in beta now, but they seem to be taking requests for beta invites.

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