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Resize Boot Camp without destroying data with Camp Tune


Mac users using Boot Camp to dual-boot into Windows now have a new tool coming their way to let them adjust the size of their Boot Camp partition without destroying any data.

How does it do it? By running off a Linux-based boot CD. Once booted up and in the tool, Camp Tune lets you reallocate disk space between your Mac partition and your Boot Camp partition.

It’s currently pre-release software and while it is you can grab a copy for free. Keep in mind that while I’m sure it’s tested pretty well if it’s being publicly released, you’re going to want to backup both your Mac and your Boot Camp partitions before you start because if something goes wrong there’s a decent chance both will be messed up.

For more info about Camp Tune check out the product page here.

[Via TUAW]


New Apple ‘Fusion’ computer being announced tomorrow?


TUAW received a tip about a possible new Apple computer targeting developers could be announced tomorrow morning at WWDC.

Allegedly called the “Fusion”, this new Mac features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and run Boot Camp to allow you to boot into Linux, Windows or Mac OS X and encourages developers to use it to port their applications to Mac.

From the screenshot:

“Building your applications for the Mac has never been easier. Mac Fusion was designed exclusively for new developers wishing to port their existing programs to the Mac without breaking the bank. Mac Fusion allows you to explore the power and stability of Mac OS X while keeping the ability to run alternative operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, via Boot Camp.”

Guess we’ll find out Monday morning if this is true or not.

For a few screenshots that may or may not be real check out this post at TUAW.

[Via TUAW]

Apple updates Bootcamp to 2.1

bootcampApple has released an update to Bootcamp (the utility that lets you dual boot your Intel-based Mac into either Windows or Windows), brining the latest version to 2.1.

The update does what all Apple updates do: “address issues and improve compatibility.”

There’s a different download depending on which version of Windows you’re using.

Windows XP users should download this one.

Windows Vista 32-bit users should download this one.

Windows Vista 64-bit users should download this one.

If you use XP, make sure you install the 2.1 update BEFORE installing Windows XP SP3.

[Via TUAW]

MacBook Air reviewed as a Windows machine

macbook_air_windowsAs a relatively recent Mac switcher I still do a lot of things at work that require the use of Windows.

If I had a MacBook Air, I’d need to run Windows on it, but how well would Windows work on the Air?

The folks at X-bit Labs decided to try and find out.

So what did they think? While they found the Air “beautiful, innovative, mobile and quite functional” and were happy to see that “one of the disks that come with the notebook contains all the drivers you might need for Windows OS,” they also found that “the system would occasionally slow down showing absolutely inadequate performance numbers for the type of hardware inside” and they also found that the system would heat up quite a bit.

The performance and heat issue could potentially be fixed or at least helped with future firmware updates, but at this point it is what it is–the “MacBook Air is not the best choice for an ultra-portable Wintel solution.”

For the entire review check out this post.

[Via Engadget]