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BlackBerry OS 4.5 coming to AT&T phones in mid-September


BlackBerry users with AT&T that have been eager to get their hands on RIM’s BlackBerry OS 4.5 will soon have their chance.

According to some info BGR got their hands on, AT&T will be releasing updates to BlackBerry 8820, Curve 8310, Pearl 8120, and Curve 3200 on their network in the middle of this month and beginning in October BlackBerry’s on AT&T will be shipping with OS 4.5 installed.

Improvements in 4.5 will include:

  • Improved web browsing
  • Full HTML email
  • Remote server search
  • Docs To Go for downloading, editing and sending Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Media player improvements
  • Free AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots access

Look for more info soon with this is officially announced.

[Via Gizmodo]


BlackBerry Kickstart to be T-Mobile exclusive?

According to a new report, RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Kickstart handset will be available exclusively on T-Mobile for three months.

The Kickstart, possibly to be renamed “Pearl 8220” when it launches, will be RIM’s first flip-phone and is expected to be released on October 6th and will include features like:

  • Quad-band support
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • microSD slot
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Available in red and black

NOT expected to be part of the feature set is 3G.

No official pricing info is available yet but its expected to go for $50 with a 2-year contract.

[Via Electronista]

HSBC to drop BlackBerry in favor of iPhone?


Global banking giant HSBC is currently evaluating the iPhone “from a HSBC Group perspective” and if things go well, ZDNet Australia the company may place an order for 200,000 iPhone’s.

That doesn’t mean 200,000 new hires, means that 200,000 BlackBerry’s would be replaced and that would be bad news for BlackBerry maker RIM.

Brenton Hush, CIO for HSBC in Australia and New Zealand, was quick to point out that they “always explore the potential application of new technologies and this is no different” sho really it could be much ado about nothing, but I’m sure RIM is keeping a close watch on this.

[Via BGR and ZDNet Australia]

BlackBerry Bold released in Chile


RIM’s new BlackBerry Bold smartphone has been officially released in its first country.

Any guess where it might be? The US? Maybe the UK? How about RIM’s home country, Canada?

No, no, and no. The first country to get the Bold is…Chile.

At the equilavent of about $588 US dollars WITH a 2-year contract it’s a bit on the really, really expensive side but, well, they are first.

[Via Engadget]

BlackBerry sales to fall at AT&T?

According to an investment note from Credit Suisse’s Kulbinder Garcha, RIM’s sales of BlackBerry smartphones at AT&T peaked in June and are likely to drop as AT&T focuses on promoting the iPhone.

Garcha believes that the decrease in sales could be substantial enough that RIM would loose influence and sales at AT&T which is where RIM does around 25 to 30 percent of its sales.

In my experience, BlackBerry users stay BlackBerry users, but new users won’t have this loyalty and may look more seriously at other options, including the iPhone, especially as it gains more support in the enterprise. It will be interesting to see if BlackBerry’s upcoming Storm touchscreen smartphone will change things at all when it’s released.

[Via Electronista]

New release dates for BlackBerry Bold?

New BlackBerry Bold release dates have hit the Internet, and it looks like some carriers will be making their customers wait a bit.

According to info obtained by BlackBerryNews.com, release dates for different carriers will be as follows:

  • July 29 – Rogers
  • August 1 – Vodafone UK
  • August 4 – T-Mobile Germany
  • September 1 (or later) – AT&T
  • Sometime in September – O2

Their info says that the Rogers and T-Mobile Germany dates are firm, while the others may slip a bit. In the UK, Vodafone won’t officially say anything except that it will launch before November 1, so the August 1 date is a rumor.

[Via CrunchGear]

BGR posts video walkthrough of BlackBerry Bold


The upcoming BlackBerry Bold smartphone has been getting lots of attention and since BGR has had one for a few weeks now they’ve reviewed it and now posted a video of the Bold in action so you can see what it’s like.

It’s interesting looking at some of the comments by people who have seen the video…for a handset that has had so much buzz, a fair number of people are turned off seeing it in action.

Check out the video for yourself here.

[Via BGR]

RIM releases Media Sync for BlackBerry, iTunes syncing


BlackBerry owners interested in syncing music from their iTunes library are now able to do so thanks to a new tool called Media Sync.

Using Media Sync “it’s incredibly easy to transfer the music you want to take with you.”

Supported BlackBerry devices include the Pearl 8100, Curve 8300, or the 8800 running BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 or higher. On the computer side you’ll need to be using a PC running the 32-bit version of either Windows XP or Vista (sorry, no Mac version)

For more info or to download Media Sync, check out this page.

[Via CrunchGear]

RIM finds and fixes critical BlackBerry Enterprise Server Bug


Although no one seems to have taken advantage of it, a bug existed with RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) which would have allowed hackers to gain access to the companies network by means of a malicious PDF file.

The program was technically within the PDF distiller component of the BlackBerry Attachment Service (BAS) which runs on BES, but an update that has been released to BES, version 4.1 Service Pack 6 (4.1.6), will patch the problem for people running a Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino email server.

Users of Novell GroupWise can download 4.1.4 and receive the same bug fix.

[Via Computerworld]

BGR reviews BlackBerry Bold: “has it all”


In what looks like the first BlackBerry Bold review to hit the Internet, BGR has been testing the Bold for a month now and while it’s not perfect, they do go as far as to say that “this is the device every single BlackBerry user has been waiting for.”

Once the Bold boots up (which apparently takes in the neighborhood of three minutes) the familiar Setup Wizard will help you configure your Bold and get you going.

While it’s operating the handset will get a bit warm, but not enough to worry about. And the display? “The most vibrant, color-rich, sharp screen we’ve ever seen on a mobile device.” Unfortunately, its plastic and seems a bit easy to scratch so keep that in mind if you’re the stuff the phone in the pocket type of user–you’ll want a screen protector or proper case for it.

The keyboard is nice and seems to be a mix of the 8800 and Pearl keyboards. The size is good and the keys are relatively firm, but nicer feeling than the keyboard on the Curve. BGR did find, though, that the send, BlackBerry, back and end keys are unusually large and can be a bit awkward to use.


The keyboard also has a backlight, but unlike the Curve the entire keyboard doesn’t light-up, just the accents, letters and symbol keys.

From the data side, the Bold supports 3G and Wi-Fi and both seemed to work as expected. But, if you’re hoping for Flash support with the browser looks like you won’t find it here. The browser is improved from previous versions, but no Flash support.

The OS with the Bold is version 4.6, which BGR says is “99% the same” as previous versions of the OS. Some tweaks to make some things easier to use, but nothing really significant in their poking around.

All in all, they found the loved the Bold and the sound and call quality was excellent. For [a lot] more info, check out BGR’s full review here.

[Via CrunchGear]