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TiVo working on “whole-home” DVR

TiVo head Tom Rogers dropped by AllThingsD to talk DVR and said that his company is working on media hub that could serve media to all parts of the home.

No details were mentioned so I assume it’s not one of those just around the corner projects but it sounds neat so I’ll be watching it.

[Via Electronista]


Google demos Android UI, HTC Dream phone

Google has made a few tweaks to it’s upcoming Android mobile phone operating system and at AllThingsD they showed it off running on what some believed was a prototype of the “Dream” touchscreen phone by HTC.

The Android user interface looks a bit more iPhone-like (which isn’t a bad thing) and features a couple of new things like multiple home screens and an always visible tray/dock that will hold shortcuts to commonly used applications.

To see the updated Android OS in action check out these videos:

[Via Electronista]

Activision demos Guitar Hero World Tour

guitar_hero_allthingsd Today at the AllThingsD conference Activision CEO Bobby Kotick showed off the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour game.

With “America’s favorite judge” Paula Abdual judging (yes, seriously) people from the audience including Tony Hawk and Brody Jenner “jammed”.

Check out a video of the action at Engadget if you’re interested. The playing doesn’t start until around 4:50;

[Via Engadget]

Microsoft shows of bit of Windows 7


Today at the AllThingsD (All Things Digital) conference, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer showed up to demo what Ballmer calls “the smallest snippet” of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system.

The demo showed off multi-touch running on a Dell Latitude XT tablet in a way that was similar to Microsoft’s larger Surface multi-touch device. The UI seems a bit tweaked and the taskbar is a bit different, but so far the consensus seems to be that the demo wasn’t all that impressive.

For more info or to see a video of the Windows 7 multi-touch in action check out the AllThingsD page here.

After watching the video myself it’s neat but Gizmodo’s right–it’s too much like last years Surface demo. Multi-touch is nice, but I’d like to see a version of Windows that doesn’t slow down for no apparent reason every so often and maybe one that wasn’t so eager to crash.

[Via Engadget]