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Microsoft confirms price drop for 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive


While some retailers are already starting to show a new, lower price for the 120GB add-on hard drive for the Xbox 360 console, Microsoft has finally made it official.

The new price for the drive is $149, down from $179.

[Via Joystiq]


120GB Zune shows up on Amazon, official announcement expected on Sept. 9th


Although Microsoft hasn’t officially announced a version of it’s Zune with a 120GB hard drive, it’s already been sold at a Fry’s Electronics in Atlanta, GA, and now it’s listed on Amazon for $248.27 and is shipping right now.

The device is expected to be officially unveiled in a couple of days at the companies September 9th event with the tag line “Say Goodbye to Laser”.

At that event we’re expecting to see new “Blue Track” mice, a couple of webcams (the LifeCam VX-5500 and LifeCam Show NX-8000), the 120GB hard drive-based Zune and a 16GB flash-based Zune.

[Via Engadget here and here]