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Adobe announces CS4


Adobe has officially announced the latest version of the Creative Suite, CS4, scheduled to ship next month.

Lots of changes are expected with some of the most significant being:

Photoshop CS4:

  • GPU-based drawing of documents onscreen/GPU acceleration
  • 64-big for Windows (not for Mac)
  • Expanded 3D paint, lighting and rendering tools

Illustrator CS4:

  • Multipage documents with different sizes
  • Indesign-style separations preview
  • Many updated tools like gradient and blob brush

Indesign CS4:

  • Live preflighting
  • Easy Flash document creation
  • Smart guides and spacing tools

Flash CS4:

  • Powerful animation presets
  • H.264 encoding
  • Expanded 3D transformation and object support with inverse kinematics and bones

Dreamweaver CS4:

  • Better interactive Live View mode
  • Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript
  • Photoshop Smart Object support

After Effects CS4:

  • Better 3D compositing and 3D model support
  • Better mobile device authoring
  • XMP metadata support for asset management

Premiere CS4:

  • Speech search for finding dialog within footage
  • AVCHD, P2, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM HD camera support
  • Better batch encoding via Adobe Media Encoder application

Encore CS4:

  • More sophisticated Blu-ray authoring support
  • DLT exporting for masters
  • Firewire video out and DTS support

Fireworks CS4:

  • Adobe AIR authoring for output to a variety of formats
  • PDF and CSS export
  • Better asset management and libraries

For more info check out the official site here.

[Via Ars Technica]


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