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T-Mobile releases more info on upcoming ‘App Store’

Cellular carrier announced a few weeks ago that they were looking into their own iPhone App Store-like online store that would allow their handsets to download new goodies similar to how the iPhone and iPod Touch can now using Apple’s App Store.

T-Mobile’s Venetia Espinoza and Sue Schmitz announced a bit more info about what to expect from the upcoming store:

  • The initial offering will allow free and paid apps and nothing will contain advertising. There will also be no Android apps (they will be in Google’s own Android Marketplace store), nor will there be Sidekick apps.
  • The developer agreement will be available next week.
  • 50/50 revenue split with developers able to increase their amount to as much as 70% if they meet certain criteria such as providing multiple points of contact for support and supporting 10 or more T-Mobile handsets.
  • T-Mobile will provide demo handsets and a virtual lab to developers.
  • Free apps can be added to the store at no cost to developers but there will be limitations for how much bandwidth they can use.
  • There won’t be an API available to allow developers to access handset features such as GPS, contacts, camera, etc.

[Via BGR]


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